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Amity- The Peaceful

No description

Michael Tyler

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Amity- The Peaceful

Men's Clothes
Amity Clothing
Amity- The Peaceful
Author: Veronica Roth
Course Code: ENG2D1-03
Group Members: Matthew Stickles
Michael Tyler
Jared Naar
Brian Wright
Chantz Jeoffery
Julia Munro
Jobs in Society.
Farm livestock (wheat, carrots, tobacco, ex...)
Raise and harvest the goods from animals (meat, leather, wool)
Have a say in peace treaties
Create art (paintings, music, literature)
Cooking pastries
Women's Clothing
Known as the peaceful faction
Thrive when others are happy
Provide refuge for survivors
Strive to unite the factions
Amity- Hopes and Dreams
Amity Values
Amity Foods
The Amity eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, and various meats. They choose this wholesome diet mostly because the food is readily available.
All races and religions
Accept all people
Violence is not tolerated
Most are creative, and love the arts
Friendly, kind, warmhearted
People in Amity
If any of the following rules are broken it could result in a high penalty such as being asked to leave the faction
There are absolutely no guns or weapons of any kind permitted as hostility is far from our peaceful values
No arguing or show of aggression towards other faction members both internal and external
Only yellow and red clothing are to be worn at any time
The official greeting must be done with a hug
Always welcome others to our faction while tending to any of their needs
Everyone has a say in any decision that is made
All members must contribute to the well- being of all other faction members
Our Rules and Customs
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