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Monomyth Cycle

No description

Olivia Stokes

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Monomyth Cycle

Call to Adventure
Olivia Stokes
Belly of the Whale
Robert Meredith
Monomyth Cycle
The Ultimate Boon
Robert Meredith
Supernatural Aid
Olivia Stokes
Rescue from Without
Robert Meredith
Olivia Stokes
Magic Flight
Olivia Stokes
Master of Two Worlds
Robert Meredith
Refusal of the Call
Devin Godfrey
Road of Trials
Devin Godfrey
Devin Godfrey
Freedom to Live
Devin Godfrey
In Finding Nemo when Marlin finds Nemo is the ultimate objective or ultimate boon, because all Marlin does is to try and find Nemo and then he does.
In Wall-E, Wall-E's goal was achieved when he was reunited with Eve. Then he had to rescue the ship by finding a plant to send them (including himself) back home to Earth. He had to escape with Eve from the corrupted ship pilot.
In the Odyssey when Odysseus and Telemachus meet and lived together while Odysseus still had Athena giving him power is the master of two worlds (Odyssey 250).
Telemachus' call to adventure, was when Athena, in disguise, convinces him to go out and discover the fate of his father Odysseus. He must defend his mother from the suitors and protect his home (Homer 14).
In the Odyssey, when Odysseus is going to the island of the Phaeacians got help from a sea goddess to survive the storm Poseidon sent after him with witch is the rescue from without, because he was weakened from the storm then he was brought to the island (Odyssey 58).
In Hercules, when Hercules meets with Phil and gets trained is the belly of the whale because he gets faith he can, become a hero.
In the Odyssey, Athena is the Supernatural Aid for both Telemachus and Odysseus. She constantly is in disguise, helping Odysseus make impressions on his hosts. She gifts Odysseus with magic to change his appearances. She guides Telemachus in the beginning of his quest, and helps him along (Homer 27).
(Huynh "Hercules Quiz")
(AI "Pixar Corner")
(Paramonos “Land Ahoy)
(Unknown "Pic 2 Fly")
In Shrek the Third, the princesses are trapped in a jail cell and the other princesses almost convince Fiona to give up and wait until a prince comes to rescue them, to take the easy way out. Fiona refuses to give up because she knows she must save her husband, Shrek.
Wall-e_dvd. Pixartimes.com
Sam & Dean.
Dean went to Sam to ask him to go on a mission with him, but Sam refuses. Sam wants to stay home and protect his girlfriend. This is his Refusal of call on the show Supernatural.
Fiona & Princesses- Shrek the Third- Large Magnet. Artzthings.com
Athena Glaukopis. Thaliatook.com
Telemachus. Ap4odyssey.Wikispaces.com
The Underworld
. Graymater.com.
In the Odyssey, Odysseus going into the underworld, after his visit with Circe, to get information from Achilles is the example of Apostasis (Homer Book XI)
Robert Meredith, Olivia Stokes & Devin Godfrey
In the Odyssey, the Road of Trials is when Odysseus and his crew have to face the Sirens, the cattle of the sun god and either Charybdis or Scylla in order to get home (Homer Book XII).
Scylla and Charybdis.


In the Hunger Games, the Freedom to live is when Katniss and Peeta get home from the games and return to "Normal Life".
The Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta. DevianTart.com
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