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Who Killed Henry Ward?

No description

Nicole Kenney

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Who Killed Henry Ward?

Who Killed Henry Ward? Ashley Harshaw, Caroline Smith, Meggie Niles, and Nicole Kenney Evidence Hair Blood Blood Spatter Fingerprints Tire Treads Bone Analysis DNA Analysis Victim's blood type = AB+
Found on Suspect #1 and #2's car and at crime scene
Unlike Suspect #1, Suspect #2 has reasoning for the blood
Suspect #1 and #2's blood type = A+
Found at crime scene. Suspect #1 had a hand wound
Proven to be Suspect #1's blood through DNA analysis
Victim's blood type was not found on Suspects #3 or #4 vehicle
Blood of Suspects #3 and #4 not found at crime scene

Suspect #1's vehicle had multiple large drops of blood, consistant with hitting a large animal
Drop blood on Suspect #2's vehicle - Single drop is not suspicious because it was from a lower height (no satellite spatters). Consistant with suspect's alibi
Blood on vehicle of Suspect #3 - One large drop with many satellite spatters. Inconsistant with blood spatter from collision with car
No blood on vehicle of Suspect #4
Blood drops found at crime scene were found going to and from the body. Suspect #1 was found in the trail of blood
Tells us that the bones are Henry Ward's
Pelvis tells us that it is male
Femur tells us the height is around that of Henry Ward
Prints found on Suspect #1's vehicle were his own and the victim's, which suggests interaction
Prints found on Suspect #2's vehicle were his own, his mother's (Suspect #3), and his father's (victim)
Prints found on Suspect #3's vehicle were her own and her husband's (victim)
Prints found on Suspect #4's vehicle were her own
Fingerprints are inconclusive, but suggest that Suspect #1 had suspicious interaction with the victim All three tire treads were made by Goodyear tires
Exhibit B shows deep tire treads which suggests that they were made by Suspect #1, who had new treads. They are also unique in their direction of travel, which is consistant with the crime scene diagram.
The tire treads are going in the same direction, and do not have any footprints leading back to the care. Therefore, suggesting that these drivers were Suspects #2 and #4 The DNA evidence taken from the crime scene matched that of Suspect #1
Since crime scene blood sample 2 revealed A+ blood, the DNA found at the crime scene further confirmed Suspect #1's involvement
This evidence is the most conclusive because it completely exonerates Suspects #2, #3, and #4 The hair tests were very inconclusive
Deer hair was found on all vehicles
The only human hair was found on Suspect #1's vehicle, but it was difficult to confirm its origin. It appears to be from Mrs. Ward, which could suggest a possible motive Who? P.T. Barnum, Jr. Why? P.T. Barnum, Jr. and Mr. Henry Ward's wife had been having a secret affair prior to Mr. Ward's death. Barnum wanted Henry Ward completely out of the picture so he could have Mrs. Ward as his own. Driven by his love and a little insanity, Barnum seized the opportunity to rid the world of Mr. Henry Ward when he saw Ward leaving the Tavern. Instinctively, he swerved to the right in order to knock Mr. Ward off his feet. Mr. Ward did not see his assasin, as he was facing the opposite direction.
How? Mr. Henry Ward sustained massive head trauma and died immediately after impact. Barnum stopped his car after hitting Ward and got out to assess the damage. He then returned back to his car and ran from the scene. By the time Ms. Anita Goodstory arrived at the scene, Charles Ward had already found the body. The End
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