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External hard disk drive

No description

Racheal Vincent

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of External hard disk drive

External hard disk drive External hard disk drive What is a external hard drive? An external hard disk drive is a type
of hard disk drive which is connected
to a computer by a USB cable... dealsdirect
320GB IOMEGA Prestige Portable Hard Drive - USB

Harvey Norman

Western Digital My Passport™ Elite™ 320GB Hard Drive
$ 129
Back up!

Back up your files with an external hard drive or flash drive.

Take copies of your files with you on external hard drives and flash drives. Automatically back up files on mirrored drives or create storage for a network with a NAS drive.
The past 50 years hard drives have come a long way. From product firsts to new technologies, and everything in between. An external hard disk drive is a type
of hard disk drive which is connected
to a computer by a USB cable... The Seagate FreeAgent family of storage solutions offers a variety of powerful yet simple ways to store, safeguard and easily access all your photos, music, videos, and documents. Choose from a variety of big capacities up to 1.5 TB, and experience the fastest data transfer speeds today with multiple interface options. Environmentally smart utilities help save energy with an auto-sleep mode for inactive periods. Enjoy sleek, modern designs that complement your lifestyle whether you need the ultimate in mobility with the first storage docking station ever, making fumbling cables a thing of the past, or have the never-ending desire to maximize your workspace. Think of an external hard drive like a normal hard drive working outside your computer, they work very much in the same way. Normally (unless you are using a SCSI hard drive), they can be connected to your computer via a Firewire or USB connection. If you have USB memory stick they work like a miniature external hard drive in the sense that they store date in an external format; an external hard drive is just like a large key-drive. With both a key drive and an external hard drive, you simply connect it to your computer, and access its files. When you want to access your internal hard drive, you go to My Computer and then select the C: drive; The external hard drive is a similar process, you select it's icon (located either on the desktop or My Computer) and then you can access its files like a normal hard drive. You can drag files out of it onto your desktop. How dose it work? What is the power source? You can get to types of them you cant get
one that you just plug
into the computer and it
runs off the computer power.

And there is one that you can plug
into the computer and into the powerpoint.
can it be used by multiple users? No, it can only plug into one computer at once! It takes all file types. Because it is a external
hard drive where you store and back up files... Dose it take all types of files? bibliography google- wikipedia -


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