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How to Create a 4-H Record Book

No description

Sarah Lloyd

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of How to Create a 4-H Record Book

a short guide to success!
Quick Start Record Book Course
Glad you asked!
I saw you looking at that word... "competition"
Okay, let's get to it!
To get you to reflect yearly

To help you set goals.... and then reach them

To develop record keeping and organizational skills

To promote positive youth development!
What about the...
The ORB Is the Record Book of choice

It has a social connection

It's fun and interactive

ORB is effective and easy to use!
Age Groups and Their Expectations
Primary Members
yrs old
yrs old
Junior Members
Intermediate Members
yrs old
Primary members do not complete a Record Book.

They are encouraged to complete the

Personal Development Report

Focus on the importance of community

Competition is limited and
Focus on cooperative learning and individual work

Competition is an evaluation tool

Help the younger members
Senior Members
yrs old
Focus on individual and team work

Identify goals and how you achieved them

Describe learning experiences

Competition is okay!
How Competitions Work
Your book goes to your 4-H club leaders for evaluation. This usually results in a gold, blue, red, or green seal. This step varies A LOT by each club and county.
Then, if you want, you can submit your book to the county for county competition*.

*County Record Book requirements should mirror those required by state competition.

However, this also varies by county. Check with your county for the rules regarding county competition!
County Competition
Club Competition
State Judging
Senior members are eligible to enter state competition.

State level competition is focused on recognizing members who have outstanding Record Books. More info can be found here: http://www.ca4h.org/Resources/Members/RecordBook/RBCompetition/
State Record Book Competition
This level of competition is what this presentation will focus on. It is recommended by the State Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee that all books be completed at this level of quality.
Just so you know...
Okay, I'm in.
But....what's expected
of me?
But wait, there's more!
If you would like to submit your book to State Competition, you MUST complete the Quick Start RB Course and quiz by October 15th of the year of competition.

(That's this! Keep watching!)
A few more things before we start...
1. Record Books are NOT required for 4-H membership, but they are a valuable educational component of the program.

2. Before a record book is submitted, all signatures and verifications must be completed.

3. Counties and clubs set their own deadlines, but the State ones can be found on the website, http://www.ca4h.org/Resources/Members/RecordBook/RBCompetition/

4. Record books MUST be completed by the member. Adults may assist by guiding, explaining, and proofreading.
First things first: formatting!
What NOT to do when formatting a Record Book
Yeah, These Sections!
Sections? What sections?
Section 1
Title Page
Table of Contents
Section 2
Personal Development Report (PDR)
Section 3
My 4-H Story
Section 4
Project Reports (APR)
Expression Pages
Junior and Teen Leadership Development Reports (JTLDR)
Section 5
Collection of 4-H Work
Section 6
Previous Years' Records
A Complete 4-H Record Book!
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5

Title Page
Section 1
Get creative! On one piece of paper, include your name, club, county, and the year...and maybe some pictures too.
Jane Doe
The Best 4-H Club
Four-H County
Table of Contents
Each Section....................................page ##
Thing in Section.......................page ##

Next Section....................................page ##
More Things..............................page ##
List each section and its contents, followed by page numbers.
exceed page limitations specified for each section

use plastic page covers or laminate any pages

use Expression Pages to expand on your Collection of Work
Section 6
The Personal Development Report
Category 1

Projects Completed
Star Rankings
Project Skill Activities
Category 2

Project Skill Activities
Category 3

Events Attended
Category 4

Leadership Development
Category 5

Citizenship & Community Service
Category 6

Communication Skills
Category 7

Honors & Recognition
Category 8

Lifestyle Activities
Some General Rules
In general, items
be counted in multiple categories
Members may add or delete additional pages as needed
Levels of Participation
I = Individual: independent, individual activity
L = Local club, unit, project, club/project committee
C = County, area/district, multi-club
M = Multi-county, section, or region
S = State
N = National, multi-state
G = Global, international, crossing U.S. boundaries
Projects Completed
If you completed a project (with a minimum of 6 hours of project instruction), count it here!

You must have an average attendance of 80% across all projects in order to earn star ranks
Food Preservation
Leadership Development
47 44 58
Here's an example!
14 5 19
Project skill activities are the way you showcase what you've learned in projects!
Here's what you can count:
Judged Exhibits, like Showmanship, Fashion Review, and County Fairs
Non-Judged Exhibits, like displays and boards for 4-H events
Knowledge Contests
Ex: Horse Bowl, Avian Bowl, Horticulture Contest
Judging Contest
Anytime you had to judge with other members using a set of standards
Ex: Livestock Judging, Judging Contest

You may NOT participate as a 4-H member or count 4-H participation in jackpot or prospector shows!
Events Attended
And here's what the form will look like...
How about another example?
4/18/13 1.5 C Four-H County Fair: 3 rabbits San Mateo, CA
5/1/13 2 M Poultry Show Senior Showmanship Stockton, CA
5/18/13 3 L Best 4-H Club Horse Bowl Belmont, CA
6/7/13 1 S State Qualifier for Avian Bowl Ventura, CA
This category is for recording any and all 4-H events that are NOT regular club or project meetings!

Examples include but are certainly not limited to:
Club Holiday Dinner
County Presentation Day
State Field Day
Achievement Night
California Focus
State Leadership Conference
"My 4-H Story" is a reflective essay about your experiences in 4-H, focusing on the current year.
1/2/13 2 L Best 4-H Club Holiday Dinner Belmont, CA
9/4/12 3 C Four-H County Achievement Night San Mateo, CA
7/25/13 40 S State Leadership Conference UC Davis
36 12 48
Leadership Development
This category is for recording all of your leadership roles and activities! This are things such as:

Any office held at the project, club, county, sectional, or state level
Committee Chairperson or Member
Any committee at the club, county, sectional, or state level
Ex: Phone Tree, Fundraising Committee, County event Committee
Junior/Teen Leader
Completion of one year as a JTL for a project
Planned a 4-H Group Activity
Any planned group activity, usually a one-time basis
Leadership Development Project
This gets counted twice! Once as a project, and once in this category
Served as a Judge
Serving as a judge for a 4-H activity or contest
2012-13 25 L Belmont 4-H Club President Belmont, CA
2012-13 40 C San Mateo County All-Star San Mateo, CA
2012-13 100 M CAL Conference Co-Chair NC Section, CA
2012-13 150 S California 4-H State Ambassador California, USA
5/7/13 20 C Planned Countywide Conference San Mateo, CA
Citizenship & Community Service
This category is where you can keep track of all citizenship, community service, and service learning activities. Here are the types of activities you may count:

Fundraising Activities for Citizenship/Community Service
Community Service Project
Service Learning Project
Citizenship Activities
These fall under one of the following 4 focus areas if planned and approved:
Civic Engagement
Civic Education
Personal Development
4/22/13 4 C Countywide Earth Day Beach Clean-up Pacifica, CA
5/3/13 3 L Spring Senior Visit Belmont, CA
6/12/13 8 C Protect the Wetlands -- Fair Exhibit San Mateo, CA

4/16/13 3 I Donated Blood UC Davis
Communication Skills
This category records communication activities undertaken by the 4-H member.

4-H Presentations
Each presentation must be before a new audience at a new event; repeats do not count for two credits
Prepared Talks
Any planned information or education report not including officer or committee reports
Radio and Television Appearances
Member must be actively representing 4-H before a radio or TV audience
Newspaper Articles
Report the number of original works written BY the member
Representing 4-H
Wherever you represent 4-H while communicating with school or community audiences
On-Line Communication
Created a 4-H website, moderated email list, created social networking page
1/22/13 1 C Prepared Skit about Presentation Day Belmont, CA
3/14/13 1 L Wrote Pi Day article for Club Newsletter Belmont, CA
5/12/13 2 I Improv Troupe Performance Carlmont HS
Honors and Recognition
This section is for recording the significant awards you earn!

Examples include:
Star ranks, 100% Attendance, Emerald Star, Presentation Day Gold Medals, Record Book Awards, Project Proficiency, County All-Star, State Ambassador, Golden Clover, Diamond Clover
In Danish competition, the top placement may be counted ("Gold")
In American competition, the 1st place of a division and 1st place overall may be counted (1st place Senior Showmanship, Best of Show)
2012-13 190 S California 4-H YDP State Ambassador California, USA
May 2011 1 C Earned a Platinum Star Belmont 4-H
June 2011 2 C Senior Poultry Showmanship - 1st Place San Mateo Fair
March 2012 N/A I Math Student of the Month Carlmont HS
Lifestyle Activities
Now, including 4-H and non-4-H activities, tell us what you do!

Report participation in organized groups like camps, school sports, theater, employment, church, or other organizations

Each organization/group/activity/sport counts as one credit per year

Jackpot shows may not be counted since they have components of gambling and are not consistent with 4-H policy
2012-2013 180 L High School Symphony Orchestra Carlmont HS
2012-2013 30 I Chemistry Tutor Carlmont HS
May 2013 25 L Actress in School Play Carlmont HS
March 2013 40 L Club Soccer Team Belmont, CA
In order to achieve any star ranking, you must attend at least 80% of both club and project meetings.

You may have noticed the totals in each categories. If you complete required totals for a specific star rank in each section, you can earn a star.

For specific star ranks, you must complete the following:
Bronze Star: Complete at least 5 categories including asterisked categories
Silver Star: Complete at least 6 categories including asterisked categories
Gold Star: Complete at least 7 categories including asterisked categories
Platinum Star: Complete at least 7 categories including asterisked categories
Don't worry, this essay is fun, creative, and all about you!
Junior and Teen Leadership Development Reports (JTLDR)
Annual Project Reports (APR)
Expression Pages
Get creative, teach the reader something you learned that interests you, show your sparks!
APRs are records of every activity, skill, and item you gained while completing a project.

Fill out 1 APR for each project that you listed in the PDR.
Each signed and complete APR counts for one project credit in the PDR.

Each APR gets one Expression Page that goes with it!
Jane Doe 2012-2013
Show Poultry 6
In here, describe your learning experience.

These can be project meetings, project skill activities, or any event/activity in which you learn about something that relates to this project.

For example:
Project Meeting #1 (My House): At this meeting we dissected chicken eggs using tweezers and syringes and learned about egg anatomy and how it relates to embryology. I particularly enjoyed learning about how the chick grows inside the egg.
Hatching Time! (My House): Today I have begun the 21 day process of hatching chicks! I have a still air incubator that is constantly at about 100*F. Each week I will candle the eggs to check their development.
These "things" can be baked goods, animals, skills, or anything you gain from a project
These awards are important! Be proud of them!
Citizenship activities pertain to at least 1 of the 5 pillars described earlier.
Leadership activities can be as simple as showing a member how to do something.
List anything and everything you bought or sold for this project!
These are special reports developed for members who fit into any of these roles:
Junior Leader (11-13 yrs old)
Teen Leader (14 - 19 yrs old)
Leadership Project member
Club Officer

State Ambassador
, or
Camp Counselor

These forms will help you to:
Work collaboratively with adults
Set goals and achieve those goals
Figure out logistical details
Communicate expectations and responsibilities

Half gets filled out BEFORE the project/term begins, the other half AFTER it ends.
*NOTE: In the special case that you are a Junior/Teen Leader for a project but do not participate in the project, you may fill out the JTLDR and not the APR. You do not receive credit for a project completed.
Collection of 4-H Work
This section is a special place to put documents and pictures that more visually represent your year in 4-H. However, there are some limits:

Newspaper or Newsletter Articles: 2 pages maximum
Flyers of Brochures: 2 maximum
Letters or Certificates: 2 maximum
Photographs: 5 pages maximum

That makes for a total of 11 pages/items maximum! Please do not exceed!
Previous Years' Records
If you are NOT submitting a book to State Competition, this section is just all of the stuff from previous years.

If you ARE submitting a book to State Competition....
So you want to submit your Record Book to State Competition....
There are only a few changes to be made:

For Section 6, instead of having all of the previous years' records, you get to replace that pile of paper with 3 Summary Pages!
Include the following in each summary:
dates you were involved
role you played
size and scope of the activity
level of participation(I, L, C, M, S, N, G)

Part A: Project Summary
Describe all significant project work and learning experiences

throughout total years in 4-H
Part B: Leadership Summary
Describe all leadership experiences in and outside 4-H throughout total years in 4-H
Part C: Citizenship Summary
Describe citizenship and service-learning experiences throughout total years in 4-H
8.5 inches
11 inches
1 inch margins all around
Use tabs! And bind in a folder or binder!
All ORB default print settings are accepted!
Tips from Winners and Judges
1. Be creative! Make your expression pages and essay fun for the reader.

2. Have a friend or parent proof-read your book before you submit it.

3. Don't worry too much about proper sentence structure, just make sure you get your point across clearly.
Maximum of 6 pages
Record Book Course Quiz
Click on the link below to take the quiz

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