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Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013

Wednesday, Dec 4th 2013
Concert Run Through
- fix trouble spots
Class Discussion
- Who wouldn't mind sharing their idea or any thoughts about helping those in need during the season?
Warm Up
Body: why warm up the body before singing?
Mind: why focus the mind prior to singing?
Voice: why warm up with breathing and mature vowel exercises?

Please have your music, a pencil, and paper ready
before the bell rings.

Bell Ringer: After the video clip, please take
5 minutes
to think and
write quietly
about how you may be able to
, in some small way, a
, or
in need over the holidays.
Please APPLY your technique
on the warm ups to your SONGS!
Reminder: Required Concert Friday Dec 13th
- 3pm, Tinns load bell trailer, set up at St. Joseph's
Rehearse till 4pm.
- 4-5pm All Choirs Dress Rehearsal. (Wear what you wore at the Fall concert)
- 6:45pm attendance sign
- 7:00pm rehearse
- 7:30-9:30pm perform
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