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Storytelling 101

a presentation to introduce elementary students to the power of storytelling

Kelly Korenek

on 22 August 2010

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Transcript of Storytelling 101

Storytelling builds character and confidence.
People have been telling stories
for thousands of years.

Storytelling can be used to
recall sequence of events,
character traits, and many other
reading comprehension skills.

Storytellers practice their stories
until they become their own. Through storytelling you learn to
empathize, support, and care for others. Comfort and confidence grows each time
you stand before an audience to tell a story. Before people could read or write, they told stories
to pass down their history and knowledge.
Every culture around the world has its
own stories from generations past.
You tell stories every day.
Storytelling is as natural as breathing...
Storytellers use facial expressions
and body language to tell stories. Storytellers are dynamic. They use instruments, voice,
and other techniques
to engage the audience.
Storytellers always consider the audience.
Listeners love to interact with a storyteller.
Always make eye contact!

Storytelling supports
classroom learning. When you tell stories, you use both sides of the brain at once-this makes you a more efficient, effective and successful learner. Storytelling helps you
organize your writing
and promotes creativity. Storytelling is fun! When you tell a story you
get to be someone or something
else for a moment in time
You get to be silly, scary,
or just plain weird! Storytelling is a safe place where you can be yourself without fear of criticism. Stories connect us all.
YOU are a great storyteller! Pictures courtesy of MorgueFile.com A Prezi Presentation by Mrs. Korenek Storytelling 101 And best of all-you get to be in the spotlight!
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