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Lord of the Flies vs. The Hunger Games

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Kaitlyn B.

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies vs. The Hunger Games

Fleeing from a WWIII

A plane crash causes the group of boys on board to become stranded on this island

The boys must adapt to these new surroundings

Lord of the Flies
by: William Golding
Differences and Similarities

Lack of supplies:
The Hunger Games
by: Suzanne Collins
The nation of Panem - Capitol, surrounded by 12 Districts

As a result of war, The Hunger Games are formed

Forcing each District to offer up one young man and woman to represent their District in the annual Games

Katniss Everdeen - enters the Games as a result of volunteering for her sister

Must adapt to her new surroundings in the Games in order to survive them
Lord of the Flies vs. The Hunger Games
Jack and his tribe vs. The Careers
Like the separation of the boys in Lord of the Flies, the tributes are divided in the arena as well:
The Careers form an alliance
Katniss and Peeta vs. Ralph and Piggy
The 'beastie' and the Mutts
In L.O.T.F the boys are scared of the 'beastie' - causing fear
Also represents, inner demons or evil of man

In The Hunger Games the tributes are afraid of these Muttations
Weapon of the Capitol - animals that cause destruction and fear
Represents evil of man
Standards of behavior start to fail them, replaced by a more savage, primitive mindset
Separate sides form, tension increases
Lord of the Flies
Introduced due to a plane crash
Become stranded until rescue
The Hunger Games
Tributes enter the arena of the Games as part of an annual tradition
Stranded there, to fight to the death
Stranded until one tribute standing
Introduction to setting:
Tributes have some time to prepare for arena
Have some idea of what to expect though they do not know the landscape

The boys in Lord of the Flies have no advanced warning, it is unexpected
Cornucopia offers weapons, food, resources

The boys have no help or resources
Both settings cause characters to adapt even if they are prepared
Both demand the survival of characters; death may be unavoidable
. . .
All characters face similar situations - unexpected landscapes
Exposed to harsh/deadly elements
Katniss & Ralph
Fulfill a leadership role
Katniss: provides for her family, protects younger sister. She is strategic and uses her abilities to her advantage
Ralph: acquires authority through using the conch
Show a moment of savagery or evil in the novel
Katniss: kills the boy from District 1, after he spears Rue
Ralph: goes over to Jack's side, takes part in killing of Simon
Show compassion/empathy
Katniss: protecting younger sister, looks out for her allies in arena
Ralph: looks out for other boys i.e. making shelters, fire for warmth and rescue
Must outsmart the enemy, in order to survive
Peeta & Piggy
Piggy offers Ralph an adult-like way of solving problems
Piggy acts as adult figure, comes up with mature ideas
Act as backbone to their allies
More sane or logical characters
Peeta does not want the Games to change who he is
Piggy helps Ralph control the tribe
Peeta helps Katniss
remain sane,
gives her a peace
Cato & Jack
Same mean, brute persona
Arrogant or proud quality

Antagonistic roles in the novels
"Embrace primitive instincts"
Both include a leader and a counterpart; usually more logical
For Katniss - Peeta has this calming factor, allows her to think through her plans
Tributes from District 1, 2, and 4 - more lethal and well prepared for the Games

Compared to Jack's tribe: share the same evil and brute qualities - seek violence and death
The death of Simon and Piggy vs. the death of the tributes
Bodies of Simon and Piggy are carried away by the Sea
Symbolizing washing away of evil or savagery

Likewise, after tributes have died, a hovercraft comes and carries them away
Similar to washing away of the bodies; gettings rid of the evil
The Painted Faces and the Cornucopia
Symbolizes savagery - gives characters ability to embrace savage instincts
Painted faces: a mask for boys to hide behind, showing how they have evolved into hunters

Cornucopia: supplies weapons to tributes, which are used to attack or kill
Full of dangerous objects, used to harm
The Mockingjay Pin
Only similar to the Conch as it is a tie to the outside world
Symbolizes revolution and rebellion; a Spark
Cannot be compared to any symbols in The Hunger Games
Symbolizes authority and civilization
A tie to the outside world

The Conch
Themes/Underlying Motifs
"The unifying motif is the underlying savagery and desperation to live that stands out within each person when survival mode is activated."
Survival & Death
- common theme, as in order to survive, some may lose their lives
Savagery/Evil of Man
- both portray evil of man and how savagery plays a role in it
- common theme, there is both fighting and blood in both novels
Good and Evil
- there is a choice between good and evil for both protagonists and minor characters
- common reoccurring theme of hope
Hope of rescue for the Lord of the Flies boys
In The Hunger Games, Katniss is the hope
In conclusion...
There are many similarities between 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding and 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins.

Though they differ, it is interesting to see the commonalities between the two literary works.
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