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Trapa Sinada

No description

Julianna White

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Trapa Sinada

TRADING By:Emily White and Ivory James Trapa Sinada Where did Trapa Sinada come from? Our Flag Prezi made by: Emily White and Ivory James This is our country
TRAPA SINADA Trapa Sinada used to be apart of Australia but then a tragic earthquake occurred and we split apart. Where is Trapa Sinada now? Trapa Sinada is now located to the right of Africa and below India or 15 degrees north and 60 degrees east in the Arabian Sea. When Trapa Sinada broke off of Australia, some of the cars broke away with us. Since Trapa Sinada is so small, we trade the scrap metal because we don't need to use the cars, instead we use bikes or some of the people just walk. Government Our government is limited and is a Democracy. Our citizens vote for the President of the country every 4 years. Our flag is a mixture of the Italian, Australian, and Israeli flag. We picked these countries because Emily is Italian, Ivory likes Australia, and we both like Israel. This is our flag! :) The kangaroo is Trapa Sinada's national animal. Government Executive We have one
court since
our country
is small We only have
one judge They make the laws People get to vote for the president but can also vote for he/she to be
impeached The president enforces the
laws just like
in America We chose the kangaroo to be our national animal because kangaroos are very important to Australia, where Trapa Sinada came from. They are also very helpful. Kangaroos are helpful because they have pouches which can help transport things. They're also special because all their babies are called joey. The food for Trapa Sinada is mainly fruits. Legislative Judicial We have other people who also vote to see if he/she needs to go to jail or not There is no vice president, so the president makes most of the decisions A senator and representative
can only serve
for 8 years. There can only be 30 senators and representative
in total Our main food is fruit because Trapa Sinada is surrounded by a tropical rain forest. Trapa Sinada has a free enterprise economy.

We chose it to be a free enterprise economy because our government is limited and we believe that its unfair if we told everyone what job they had to do. Economy Trapa Sinada's natural resources are trees, coal, and oil and water.

Trapa Sinada's main natural resource is trees since we were a part of Australia's largest rainforest before we broke off. Our island is completely surrounded by trees. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Imports Exports Scrap Metal
Bamboo Gold
Steel Natural Resources -------------------------------------------- Trapa Sinada's unemployment rate is less than 1% because mostly everyone is busy exporting items that they make on their property and bringing the imports in to the country. Economic Activities ----------------------- ----------------------- ---- - unemployed = 1% ---- ----------------------- --------------------- ---- - student = 25% --- 25% ----------------------- ---------------------- ---- -- - other(babies and toddlers) = 10% 10% ---------------------- ----------------------- 64% ___ ___ - employed = 64% 1% Rights The rights for the citizens are the same as if we were still attached to Australia. We have a right to vote, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. When Trapa Sinada broke away from Australia, they wanted to be their own country but Australia would not let them. After they both signed a Separation Agreement with no war or violence, Trapa Sinada became its own country. The history of Trapa Sinada
Part:1 Trapa Sinada decided to keep the same laws as they had in Australia since that is where they came from and they were used to those laws. If they wanted to pass a new law, the people of Trapa Sinada would send it to the President and he would decide if it would pass or not. Culture -Religion Everyone in Trapa Sinada can choose their own religion.
There is no specific religion we have to follow.
Christianity = 75% - (all types)
other = 25% - (Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism) Government/ Part:1 Most of Trapa Sinada is Catholic because it just turned out that there are more Catholic than any other religion. Clothing: In the summer its hot so they wear shorts and short sleeved shirts for girls and boys.
In the winter its very cold so they wear long pants and shirts. Language English and American Sign Language is the language spoken in Trapa Sinada. -------------------------------- Summer Winter Women: Women: Men: Girls: Boys: Trapa Sinada trades scrap metal, oil, eggs/chicken, milk, meat, wood, and bamboo. Trapa Sinada's Timeline/ Part 2 2000 - Major earthquake hit and Trapa Sinada broke away from Australia.

2002 - While we were drifting away, we started our own community and started our new government.

2003 - Separation Agreement was signed by both governments and we became our own country.

2007 - We started rebuilding and remodeling Trapa Sinada so that we could survive on our own and use our resources.

2010 - Our island was complete and we started breaking apart the cars to be able to trade the scrap metal.

2012 - We started trading with other countries such as Mermany. Culture - Clothing Culture - Food Men: Girls: Boys: ------- ------- Kangaroo Thanks for watching :) Government Part:2
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