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Corey Hastings

on 17 August 2016

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Transcript of Rainforest-Baka

The Baka are hunter-gatherers that live in the southeastern rainforests. They are known as the Bayaka, and are often discriminated by others.
The Baka people live in the southeastern rainforests. The rainforests have tall trees and lots of rain. The ground level does not have very many plants because of how thick the canopy above is. There are lots of animals in the rainforests as well.
How They Interact
The Baka interact with the area they live in because they use the supplies they need. Most of their supplies are all from the rainforest.
How They Adapt
The Baka where clothes that they had before, and they also use towels and leaves. They adapt well to their climate and area they live in.
The Baka grow different plants. They mostly grow fruits, such as blackberries, they can also find the blackberries in the rainforest.
By: Corey Hastings
Baka Homes
Baka homes are made out of wood, leave, and mud. They fit the environment because there are a lot of twigs/wood, leaves, and mud in the southeastern rainforests.
The Baka people live near a lot of different animals. They live next to tigers, venomous snakes and spiders, and different types of monkeys
The Baka people have a traditional dance, called the Cameroon Dance. They do this with skirts on and around the fire.
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