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Peer Mediation

No description

Christine Mendoza

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Peer Mediation

Christine Mendoza
Ms. Risa Carles
February 27, 2013 Peer Mediation Hi! My Name is Mentors: Mrs. Arquero Christine Mendoza. I am 18 years young and also the only child.
I enjoy shopping, eating, and also spending time
with my friends and family. I have a Maltese dog, Miko. Research Paper: Thesis: Peer led counseling and mediation is often appropriate and effective than adult mediation because it is less intimidating; students may be more receptive to correction from one`s own peer, than adults, and
because the social nature of adolescence. Evidence: Giving students instructions on what to do for their activities. Mrs. Abafo Physical Project: For my physical project, I participated in the Summer Bridge Program, 2012 as an ignition leader at Maui High School. Basically, a couple of other upperclassmen helped upcoming freshmen get to know their peers by doing activities with each other, as well as doing some reading, math and science in their classes. I also designed a survey for the students to fill out online. What is peer mediaton? Peer mediation is basically a program and a process, where students of the same age facilitate resolving disputes between 2 people or small groups. Mrs. Arquero and Mrs. Abafo were my mentors in Graphics Capstone. Don`t stress out as much! Don`t Procrastinate!!! I learned to stay focused.. and to not get distracted if you want this senior project to be less stressful for you. Thank you for your time!
Any questions? Pick a topic that you actually like.
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