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Endangered Animals

No description

Jordan Y.

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

All animals are unique and
beautiful, but most become
extinct before scientists discover them! It's our duty to help the beauty around us, and soon you'll know how. Endangered Animals The number of endangered animals in this world grows every day! Many people don't know or don't care that animals are suffering because of us. 1) If you have a cat, make it an indoor cat. Did you know that an average American produces 4.4 pounds or 2kg of garbage a day? Ivory Billed Woodpecker Population: 1 to 50

State: Critically Endangered, almost extinct Northern Sportive Lemur Population: about 20

State: Critically Endangered, almost extinct What's Happening? Which Animals are Endangered? How Can We Help Out? Fun Facts By Jordan Yi What do you Mean? Here are some examples of how we hurt animals with things we use everyday. 1) When we drive cars, carbon
monoxide comes out of the
exhaust pipe and pollutes the air,
making it difficult for the
animals to breathe. Not only
that, but the carbon monoxide
also eats away at the ozone
layer, causing the greenhouse
effect. 2) When we have trash in our hands and there are no trash cans around, we become lazy and throw the trash on the ground. Animals that live there will wonder what the interesting, shiny thing on the ground is. How do animals explore? That's right, they'll eat it. And animal or not, eating a soda can is just disgusting, taste-wise and health-wise. Also, if trash is thrown into rivers, lakes, or ponds, any fish swimming there would get caught in soda containers. Who's responsible for the endangered animals? What's causing the animal kingdom's population to be reduced?

Well, if you have been listening to what I've been saying, it's our fault.

We humans are hurting innocent animals.

Everyday, animals' lives are put at risk by what we use and do everyday. Lots and lots of animals are endangered! Here are the top three endangered animals I could find. Amur Leopard Population: about 25

State: Critically endangered Fun Fact: They were considered to be extinct until 2004 Fun Fact: It weighs less than 2 pounds
and has large, orange eyes for better
night vision Fun Fact: It used to live in
Korea and China, but now it is
extinct in those countries. 3) One of the main and most cruel forms of killing animals is poaching. Not only is it evil, it's illegal, which makes it doubly
bad. Sometimes it's for sport, sometimes it's for medicines. People even kill animals to use their skin, fur, claws, or tusks for clothing and accessories. Let's move on. 4) One more
way we hurt animals is by
expanding our land and building
houses. When we make space for
ourselves, we destroy the territory
of the animals living nearby. We
destroy their trees, pave
their dirt, and even kill
them to get rid of them
from the land. We don't
even know how much
we're harming them.
2) When you grow plants, don't use pesticides or bug sprays. There are multiple ways to help save animals! Here are a couple. 3) If you have a bird feeder, feed birds regularly and don't stop. 4) Never, EVER feed wild mammals such as deer, raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. 7) Donate! Donations are always helpful to support wild animal conservation programs. 5) Disarm any traps you find and pick up litter. 6) When you buy new pets, try to buy them from animal shelters. As of January 5, 2011, there are 1,170 animal species worldwide that are endangered, half of which reside in the U.S.A. Lions are our common, everyday animals, right? WRONG. Lions are actually endangered. Over the past ten years, the number of lions have been reduced immensely. The last decade, there were about 100,000, but now, fewer than 21,000 lion individuals are still alive. Why Did I Choose this Topic? I know that a lot of people in 5W
love and care about animals, hence
the reason I chose to talk about
endangered animals. Not only that, I
love animals a lot as well. Thanks for
Listening! I hope you liked
my presentation and
learned a lot from it!
Help keep Earth a
safe, eco-friendly
planet for future
generations to
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