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Copy of White Cattleya Presentation

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Rhonda Heide

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of White Cattleya Presentation

White Cattleya Hybrids...
Through the Decades

Early Hybridizing Pioneers
C. Bow Bells
C. Edithiae x C. Suzanne Hye
Black & Flory registered this cross and exhibited five plants at the September 1945 American Orchid Society trustees meeting.

'Purity' received an FCC and the group was awarded an AOS Silver Medal for excellence.
C. Bob Betts
C. Bow Bells x C. mossiae v. wagneri
First C. Bow Bells cross to flower in the United States, registered by McDade.

The cross was an attempt to extend the C. Bow Bells flowering season into the spring for the cut flower trade.

Is the most awarded white cattleya in the history of AOS judging:
2 First Class Certificates
34 Award of Merit
30 Highly Commendable Certificates
C. Bob Betts 'Aridine' AM/AOS, 80 points (1966)
C. Bow Bells
203 F1 Offspring
3,660 Progeny
5 FCC's
16 AM's
28 HCC's
42 Awarded F1 Offspring
C. Pearl Harbor (24)
C. General Patton (23)
C. Empress Bells (21)
C. Bob Betts
274 F1 Offspring
1,596 Progeny
71 Total Awards
58 Awarded F1 Offspring
C. Princess Bells (30)
Rlc. George King (25)
C. Mary Lynn McKenzie (25)
C. Mary Ann Barnett (20)
C. Esbetts (18)
C. Joyce Hannington
Registered in 1945
Registered by E. Hannington after his daughter.
Hannington worked at Roughwood, the Dane Estate in Brookline, MA
Private Collection
American Orchid Society Awards:
1 FCC, 7 AM's, 9 HCC's
94 F1 Offspring, 430 Progeny
C. Barbara Dane x C. Snowdon
C. Joyce Hannington 'Vallemar'
AM/AOS, 83 points (1953)
According to the current inflation calculator, $15 in 1928 is equal to $189.12 in 2010!
Harold Patterson
B.O. Bracy, George Butterworth, George Pring, Clint McDade
The American Orchid Society was founded in 1921.

“The Great Orchid Exhibition in Boston," the first AOS orchid show, was held May 8 –11, 1924 at the Horticultural Hall.
The AOS began publishing
The Bulletin in 1932.
Grand Private Collections
A.C. Burrage at Orchidvale Estate
Ernest Blaney & Helen Pratt Dane, Roughwood Estate
John Sloane Estate
Presented by Rhonda Heide
West Palm Beach Judging Center
In 1922 Dr. Lewis C. Knudson invents 'Knudson C' orchid flasking medium allowing for aseptic germiantion of orchid seed providing reliable populations of seedlings.
Additional regional judging centers are created in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu and other cities throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s.
In March 1949 the AOS Committee on Awards is officially created and named and regular judging begins in New York City shortly thereafter.
The first World Orchid Conference is held in St. Louis in October, 1954.
Clint McDade, John & Oliver Lines
Mid - Late
Building Blocks
C. mossiae
Described in 1838
14,833 Progeny
C. mossiae var. alba 'Amanda'
84 point AM/AOS, 2010
C. lueddemanniana
Described in 1854
12,816 Progeny
C. lueddemanniana 'Crownfox Snow'
HCC/AOS, 2005
C. gaskelliana
Described 1885
13,303 Progeny
C. gaskelliana 'Janice'
FCC/AOS, 2011
C. trianae
Described 1860
19,639 Progeny
C. trianae 'Henry'
AM/AOS, 2011
C. warneri
Described 1862
14,401 Progeny
C. warneri v. alba 'Newberry'
AM/AOS, 2005
Early Hybrids
C. Edithae var. ‘White Empress’ FCC/RHS (3n)
(C. Suzanne Hye x C. trianaei) Pauwels, 1914
C. Suzanne Hye FCC/RHS
(C. gaskelliana x C. mossiae)
1908 Award Painting
C. Cowaniae 'Proebstles'
(C. Intertexta x C. mossiae) 1915
C. Bow Bells or C. Joyce Hannington?
Rumors that the plants both came from the same seed pod due to their striking similarities
C. Joyce Hannington was said to be somewhat taller and more floriferous than C. Bow Bells
C. Joyce Hannington cross hand-recorded in the Dane Cross Records

What I am sure of is that C Bow Bells is not what is registered. I say that because the cross was remade many times by growers that knew what they were doing, such as B. O. Bracey.

Nothing that came from those remakes resembled the original cross. Kensington selfed and sibbed the original Bow Bells and produced offspring that bloomed every month of the year, unlikely if the parents are what was registered.
Courtney Hackney
Cut flower trade was beginning to wane with corsages dropping from fashion...
Impetus to produce flowers for judging.
Blc. Mount Anderson 'Tampa'
Bc. Deesse x C. Bow Bells
AM/AOS, 85 points
Beall, 1962
Blc. Mount Hood 'York'
Bc. Deesse x C. Claris
HCC/AOS, 76 points
Beall, 1962
1960's Accomplishments
Big 'brasso' lips with Bc. Deesse
Aligned flowers with AOS judging standards
Moving from matte flowers to crystalline texture
Disenfranchised corsage florists with breeding trends
Bc. Deesse
Rlc. Ferrieres x C. Lamartine
Vacherot-Lecoufle, 1947
2 AOS AM's
Blc. Ranger Six 'A-OK'
Blc. Nachouchee x C. Empress Bells
FCC/AOS, 91 points
Armacost, 1962
1 FCC, 6 AM's, 2 HCC's
In the 1960's Lou Off (Waldor Orchids) recognized the importance of orchid virus and worked with the New Jersey Agriculture department to test and discard infected plants. It became the first certified virus free orchid nursery in the United States.
C. Ruth Gee 'Goldkist'
C. Esbetts x C. Old Whitey
AM/AOS, 81 points
Armacost, 1975

Blc. Six Bells 'Peace'
Blc. Ranger Six x C. Empress Bells
AM/AOS, 85 points
E. Casey, 1972
1970's Trends
Crystalline texture
Brighter colors in lip
C. Mary Ann Barnett 'Exquisita'
C. Arctic Circle x C. Bob Betts
FCC/AOS, 90 points
Awarded June 1980
Bracey, 1960

C. Earl 'Imperialis'
C. Empress Bells x C. General Patton
FCC/AOS, 91 points
Awarded October 1980
Suyama, 1961
C. Ranger Six 'A-OK'
Blc. Nacouchee x C. Empress Bells
FCC/AOS, 91 points
Awarded March 1980
Armacost, 1964
Rlc. Mem. Rosa Vazquez 'Rafael'
C. Esbetts x Rlc. Breaker's Reach
FCC/AOS, 91 points
Awarded January 2011
Originator Unknown, Registered 2002

Rlc. Breaker's Reach
Rlc. Mount Hood x C. Mount Rainier
Armacost, 1980
C. Suzanne Hye FCC/RHS
1908 Award Painting
What's Next?
Hybridizers to do the work?
No color in the lip?
True green in the lip?
Flatter form on the 'brasso' lip?
Rlc. Mem. Rosa Vazquez 'Rafael'
The End of White Breeding?
We will of course, strive for crystalline white blooms with round form but in my opinion various qualities add up to the perfect white cattleya. Stem presentation, bloom texture and substance, a full ruffled lip.
Bridgett Uzar, Carter & Holmes
It seems every new generation of orchid growers has an interest in the classic and heirloom plants, to some degree. And we have noticed the market will rise and fall as each new generation goes looking. The addition of the internet to daily life has made a huge impact in our customer’s interest in these “golden oldies”
Each new generation, each new collector and amateur hobby grower adds a fresh perspective to the ever changing world of orchid growing. When we get young customers shopping with us that start their ‘obsession’ at age 9, 12 or 15 years of age, I stop and wonder if these kids will be the next people to make big foot prints in the orchid world.
Jeff Bradley
Fred Clark
Andy Easton
Courtney Hackney
Alan Koch
Dave Off
Ken Roberts
Special Thanks to Bridgette Uzar,
Carter & Homes
Emails & Personal Contacts
Alberts & Merkel Brothers 1958 Catalog
American Cattleyas
by Courtney Hackney
American Orchid Society
The Classic Cattleyas
by A.A. Chadwick & Arthur Chadwick
The New York Times Archives
AQ Plus
Printed and Internet
Sources and Thanks!
Brighton Farm
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