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Introduction to Play and Games


Dan Dixon

on 26 January 2010

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Transcript of Introduction to Play and Games

An introduction to Play and Games Making sense of games Brief history of
Games Studies The Big Questions Are games fictional or real? What is the definition of "Game"? What is Interactivity? Games for Girls? What is Immersion? What is Gameplay? Study Games Study Players Study Contexts Game Studies Video Games Computer Games Digital Games Science Scholarship Academic Investigation Is story or interaction more important for interpretation? Early military schools East Coast War Games Council Game Studies Year 0 Play Studies Helwig - 1780 Kreigspiel - 1824 Game Theory North American Simulation
and Gaming Association 'Simulation and Gaming'
1970 - present RAND corporation 1973 - first meeting of American play scholars 1984 - name change to TASP 'Play and Culture Studies' - 1998 - present Interactive Fiction Studies of New Media 'Hamlet on the Holodeck' - Janet Murray 'Cybertext:Perspectives on Ergodic Literature' - Espen Aarseth Textual approach
to games 'Game Studies'
Journal - 2001 Bring together diverse fields DiGRA conference - 2003 Ludology von Neumann Studying a popular medium Multimedia Virtual reality Games and Culture Why? Columbine
Henry Jenkins
Super Columbine RPG Understand design Create a critical discourse Build a language to describe games Culturally
Situate avoid missing ball for high score 1. Introduction
2. Defining Games
3. The Experience of Play
4. Rules
5. Systems
6. Brief History of Video Games
7. Games and Gender
8. Story and Narrative
9. Fiction and Simulation
10. People and Community
11.Games and Culture
12. Culture and Games Schedule Semester 1 - Game Studies Semester 2 - Game Design Game Design
Game Designers
Serious games
Casual games
Mixed Reality
Essay on Game Studies
due 17/12/09 Game Design Project
group work
regular presentations
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