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EDLE 531 - Supervision of Instruction for School Improvement

Field Exercise Report

Spencer Kiper

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of EDLE 531 - Supervision of Instruction for School Improvement

Spencer Kiper, Sheila Phipps, & Jennifer Tillman EDLE 531 - Instructional Supervision for School Improvement Purpose & Objectives Field Exercise Report Professional Development Purpose: Evaluate the needs assessment process that the Bossier Parish school district employs to plan professional development programs.
Define professional development as it pertains to curriculum supervision.
Assess personal experiences with professional development at the district level.
Analyze data from personal surveys pertaining to district-sponsored professional development.
Recommend solutions for existing and potential issues facing district professional development. Situation, Setting, & People Involved Situation: Professional Development at the district level: Is the process of developing teacher workshops meeting the needs of teachers?
Setting: Bossier Parish School District
People Involved:
Professional Development department of Bossier Schools
Multiple levels of teachers (Survey)
Text: SuperVision and Instructional Leadership, Glickman, Gordon and Ross-Gordon
Presentation team An Important Statistic to Consider: According to the text, 85% of a total school budget is used to pay teacher salaries. The Needs Assessment To gather data and input on the effectiveness and quality of professional development, the school district employs a number of different surveys, rubrics, and assessments to plan future PD opportunities. One of the crucial groups of stakeholders involved in the professional development process are the principals. Approaching the end of the school year, the Professional Development Department of Bossier Schools disseminates a survey (to the right) to principals and supervisors district-wide. As professional development sessions are concluded participants assess their experience by completing a course evaluation. Findings - Overview of Survey Data To gather based on district professional development, we created and disseminated a survey that targeted teachers from all levels of K-12 education. Analyzing the results of this survey, we concluded that the basic data below would be necessary for an accurate snapshot of district professional development.
Data of teacher experience
Level taught
Types of professional development attended
Effectiveness of this professional development
Suggestions for professional development

Number of teachers surveyed: 45
Areas of representation: K-12 Suggestions for Improvement Beginning Teacher Assistance Programs - The new teacher is provided ongoing intensive assistance throughout at least the 1st year of teaching.
Skilled Development Programs - This consists of several workshops over a period of a month and classroom coaching in between workshops to assist teachers in implementing new skills to their daily teaching.
Collegial Support Groups - Teachers within the same school engage in group inquiry, address common problems, jointly implement new instructional innovations, and provide mutual support.
Partnerships - Partnerships between schools and universities or businesses, in which both partners are considered equal, have mutual rights and responsibilities, make contributions, and receive benefits. Insights from Field Exercise Sheila - "As leader of the PBIS committee for EGMS, I was drawn to the data showing the need for more meaningful classroom management professional development. It is clear that new as well as seasoned teachers are struggling to teach their contents due to classroom behavior issues. While most teachers feel that the content specific PD is meaningful, it is useless if student behavior problems prevent teachers from being able to implement what they've learned."
Spencer - "I am the robotics club sponsor as well as an avid techie, so I was pleased to see that most teachers are pleased with the professional development aimed at integrating technology into the classroom. Technology is the future of education, and I am proud that Bossier Parish is taking a progressive approach in providing teacher opportunities to find more ways of implementing technological approaches to teaching."
Jennifer - "The professional development does seek out suggestions for professional development from supervisors; however, I feel that more meaningful professional development could come from getting more feedback from the teachers. The data we collected shows this parish is dedicated to empowering its teachers through professional development, especially in the areas of technology and content specific PD. I feel that Bossier Parish could do an even better job of providing effective training in they would seek out questioning the teachers who truly understand their own daily needs in the classroom." Q & A Any questions regarding our presentation? Poll the Audience Findings - Survey Data Based on the data collected, out of the 45 teachers who responded to our PD survey, 33% of teachers reported to have 0-3 years of teaching experience, while 13% reported having 4-6 years, 16% reported having 7-10 years, and 38% reported having more than 10 years of teaching experience Findings - Survey Data Findings - Survey Data Alternative Methods for Professional Development Surprising results
from this data? Are these results aligned with your personal experiences?
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