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Positive and Negative Space

No description

Katie Cassolino

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Positive and Negative Space

Positive and Negative Space Space When we look at an image it is broken into parts naturally with our eyes. We define some parts as positive and some as negative. Sometimes an image can be difficult to define. Look to the center... you see a vase as the positive space. Look to the side and you see a face as the positive space. Project time! Now we are going to create an image using photoshop that works with positive and negative space Just click on the top bar and drag the image down so you see both side by side And save it into your folder Now flatten the image so it is one layer Now invert the image so the colors are opposite Now using the move tool.. Create a copy of the original image.. Then drag the layer up so it is on top Now click on the layer with your logo in it.. It should be blue And deselect it Now using the paintbucket paint it black In that new layer using the rectangular marquee create a box that is half of the page Create a new layer Then change the size so it is half of the page it should not be large enough that it crosses over the middle Then using the move tool click and drag the image to the new page When you open your image it will look like this..dont worry the page you created is still there just hiding behind Now it is time to open a logo.. Go File- Open- My Documents- Images Library- Logos to choose your image Create a new document and make sure it is set like below..greyscale mode!! Open Photoshop Instructions: This assignment should take 1-2 class periods and will count as a classwork Project A: using positive and negative space with popular culture icons (logos) Click and drag from here IT SHOULD BE BLACK and WHITE Drag from the corners of this box and hit enter when correct size Now flatten the image and save it in your folder Now rotate it like in the first one Now get the text tool again..choose white from text bar to create a white version Now deselect Now using the rectangular marquee tool create a rectangle on the right half and fill it black with the paintbucket After you write your name click the move tool and it should look like this Using the text tool create Black text any font of your choice Then create a text box like below to write your name Open Photoshop This project will take about 1-2 days and will be counted as a classwork Project B: Positive and Negative Space with your name Write your name in white and click the move tool.. It should look like this Now go to Edit-Transform- Rotate because we are going to turn our name so it is vertical like below Create a new document like this!! This is the text tool Here is the text bar where you can choose the settings for your text to create this box just click and drag on the page vertical Here is where you get the white Now flatten and save the project into your folder Now click the layer with project a so it is blue like below Now make copies of project a into alternating spaces like below.. Use rulers to help you Now turn on rulers.. Then resize project b to be 2x 2 inch in size Now move project B to the new document like below Open both project A and B up in photoshop This project will take you 1-2 class periods and will practice what you learned previously Project C: Combining images Now copy project b into the other spaces.. If any of the them don’t line up..right click and move them with the arrows on the keyboard like we did in the past Now bring over project a and make it the same size and close out the old projects like below Then create a new document like below Our next assignments will use focus on the three major artists of the pop art movement. Please watch the video on the next slide to learn about them and complete the pop art history questions. Then hand them into the green basket at the end of the period. POP ART: Using popular imagery to create artwork
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