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Who are you

No description

Buddy MyintWai

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Who are you

Family members
I love Basketball
I love baking
I love wearing sweaters/ Hoodies cuz i dont wanna be cold a lot
I love being at home and playing games
I went to bangkok a lot of times
A lot of places in Myanmar : Bagan, Inlay, Nay Pyi Taw, Ngwe Saung and, Mandalay
I went to orlando about four or five times chicago once and LA once
I went to Tokyo for a bit
I've been to Australia for a couple of time
Life Plans
I wanna finish college pretty fast and get a really good. I want to go to Australia for college, find a good college and hope they accpet me I plan to go to a University Of Melbourne. I plan to go study archetecture, marketing and, business.
After college
Highway to Buddy's life
By: Buddy
My name is Buddy Myint Wai. I am 12 years old. My Birthday is April 24 2002. My family contains a lot of people.
My brother is 16 years old. He is in 11th grade.
He is really kind to me but he's going to collage very soon. His name is Htate Kun Naung Myint Wai
My mom is a house wife and my dad owns a company which makes silverware steel and many other thing I don't know about. My mom name is Anawar or okey. My dad is U Kun Naung Myint. His company name is called waminn
After college I plan to go back to myanmar and start working. I really have no idea what I am gonna do. I would probally build my dad's company with my sibling and cousins. Id love to do this. After that I guess I'll start rasing a family at 30 or something. I really cant predict the future.
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