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Doctor Who

No description

Dominic Moska

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Who

Meet The Doctors
The History of Doctor Who
1st through 11th doctors
The longest-running science fiction television show in the world
William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
1987- 1989
Paul McGann
David Tennant
Current Doctor
Matt Smith
Christopher Eccleston
26 March – 18 June 2005
Inside the

The Sonic Screw Driver-
Can unlock anything
The Doctor's favorite weapon
Often used to calculate and analyze information
Makes odd buzzing noise
oldest of the doctors
regular salary of £315 per episode equivalent to £4,050 a week in modern terms
wasn't sure about taking the part in 'a childrens show'
Was difficult to work with
wacist but got on with first companion, played by Carole Ann Ford who is Jewish
The first doctor quit because of failing health and arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries) which made it difficult to say lines

When he left producers got idea that the doctor, because he's alien could transform, and renew himself. William gave the idea of Patrick Troughton (2nd doctor) to replace him.
shunned publicity
rarely gave interviews
thought acting was like a magic trick where he could not give away his secrets
popular with cast and producers
left because he found schedule gruelling
The Daleks are the number 1 enemy of the Doctor. They're the oldest enemy as well and they keep coming back.

extraterrestial mutants
tank-like shell
a lot are lost from conflict with Time Lords long ago
they are determined to kill/destroy everything that isn't like them
Weeping Angels
Don't Blink.

These are by far one of the scariest monsters the doctor faces.

The Angels, as they are commonly known, can only move and attack you when you aren't looking at them, or when it's dark. If they touch you, they can kill you, but they usually send their victims back in time. They feed on that time energy. If two of them look into each other's eyes, they will freeze, so to prevent this they cover their eyes which gives them a weeping appearance. They can also control a human being and their voice by rearranging the victim's brains. They gain access to your brain if you stare into their eyes.

They have reappeared in several episodes in season seven, also bringing about the death of the Doctor's companions Amy Pond and Roary.
The Silence
The Silence are a group of religious, mysterious beings who are caught on destroying the Doctor.

They have lived on Earth as long as we have, yet no one remembers them. This is because as soon as you look away from them, you forget you ever saw them. One second you're screaming in horror, the next you're carrying on with what you were doing a minute ago.

They are very persuasive among the human race, as when you look away, even though you forget them, you still obey their words.
His companions drew tally marks on their skin to remind them that they had seen the silence, and how many they had seen. One black mark for one of the silence.
Even the Doctor forgets when he has seen a member of the Silence.
The only way to not forget the Silence, is too wear an eyepatch which connects to the brain so you don't forget- such as the woman in the door below.
casted for 5 seasons
longer than other 2 doctors altough appeared in less roles than William Hartnell (1st Doctor)
director's second pick for role
stepped down off role of doctor to resume role in The Bedwinner
This is how the Daleks see and analyze their surroundings.

They also use their eye-stalks to find a person in their personal database, and determine whether the person is good or bad to their race.
Cybermen are a race of cyborgs
They were humans that were transformed into metal robots.
Cybermen don't feel anything and if they do, then their heads will implode.
They first appeared in 1966, but looked very different then.
They want to make every human being like them by 'upgrading' them
Their most famous phrase is 'you will be deleted'
The Theme of the Show
Doctor Who
Doctor Who is a science fiction show about an alien called the Doctor (NOT DOCTOR WHO) from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor isn't his real name, because his name his is greatest secret ever. He travels trough time and space in his spaceship called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), saving all types of aliens/species, though his favorite planet is Earth. He is the last of the Time Lords (the people from Gallifrey) since the rest of them died when Gallifrey burned at the end of the great Time War.

The Doctor, like all Time Lords, have two hearts and they have a way of cheating death, they regenerate. When they regenerate every cell in their body chenges so this changes looks, behavouir, taste buds, everything!!! The Doctor has currently regenerated 10 times.
Quotes of the Doctor:
Show created by

Sydney Newman
Donald Wilson
C.E. Webber
on BBC/BBC America
3rd most popular show Saturday - got 8 o clock spot in the US & time varies from 6- half 7 in UK
Aired all over the world
BBC Worldwide's biggest-selling TV show internationally
3rd biggest w/ sales on YouTube after Mad Men and Glee
overall top TV shows by revenue- Top Gear, Doctor Who and Waking the Dead
loved 'jelly babies'
would ask enemy, "Do you want a jelly baby?" before he fought them
most unpredictable doctor (mood-wise)
strong moral code- refused to hurt or destroy enemies
most recognisable for his extremely long scarf
longest standing Doctor with seven seasons among seven years
first Doctor to call companions his best friends
first Doctor with K-9 robot dog companion
at the time youngest actor to play the Doctor
didn't renew contract after three years for fear of being typecast and advice from Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor)
always eating celery
feels like he could do a better job with role now that he's older
David Tennant (10th Doctor) married Peter's daughter Georgia Moffet who played the Doctors Daughter in an episode of Doctor Who while David was Doctor
began in Doctor Who as Commander Maxil (1983) who actually shot the 5th Doctor's incarnation (Peter Davison)
his 1st season was interrupted by 18 month hiatus (break) announced by BBC saying show wasngetting too violent
dismissed from show because BBC wanted to freshen up show
Colin Baker (6th Doctor) declined to film the regeneration scene, so McCoy briefly wore a wig and appeared as the 6th Doctor.
on the show until it ended 1989
reappeared other episodes and various movies
a comedy actor- but director changed that- said script and plot was becoming too light
then developed most dark Doctor- darker than any past incarnation
was the last lead actor to have his face in the opening titles until Matt Smith (11th Doctor)
9.08 million viewers UK
not very successful US
Fox and Universal could not find anyone to carry on the show so no series until 2005
only appeared as the Doctor once
1st actor to play role who was born after programme started
irritated and messed with by press and interviewers- people said things about him and released papers saying things he supposedly said
left after one series
In a 2010 interview, Eccleston revealed that he left the show because he "didn't enjoy the environment and the culture that the cast and crew had to work in", but that he was proud of having played the role.
1st full episode was 60 minute special and first broadcast on Christmas day
son-in-law of Peter Davison (5th Doctor) and acted alongside in a Children in Need special 'Time Crash' (2007)
To become the Doctor was his childhood dream
Georgia appeared with 10th doctor in episode 'The Doctor's Daughter'
wanted to use his scottisch accent and be 'the first kilted doctor' but denied by writer Russel T Davies
Tennant will return for the 50th anniversary special in late 2013
Can only get in if Tardis lets you- no army or force can get in
doctor can rearrange rooms when needed
rooms we’ve heard of within the TARDIS are: living quarters, an ancillary power station disguised as an art gallery, a study, a greenhouse, bathroom, a telescope, a baby room, a toy room, a library, a swimming pool, a medical bay, squash courts, bedrooms and several brick-walled storage areas
Matt Smith will leave the series and the eleventh Doctor will regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special
aspired to be football star but couldn't due to a joint problem in spine which causes muscle pains & inability to move
Matt quotes: "The Doctor is excited and fascinated by the tiniest of things. By everything. By every single thing. That's what's wonderful about him as a character. It's why children like him, I think. Because he doesn't dismiss anything. He's not cynical. He's open to every single facet of the universe."
Enemies of the doctor
Thanks for Watching!
Go to www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho for more info about the show, latest news & clips.
Last episode- The Name of the Doctor (18th May 2013)
Next episode- 50th Anniversary (23rd November 2013)
50th anniversary trailer
A few facts about the main character on the show:
his name is his greatest secret
he destroyed his home planet to end the time war
not called Doctor who- thats the name of the show, called The Doctor
regenerates when hurt or dying
said to only be able to regenerate twelve times (currently had 10 regenerations)
always finds a way out of bad situations
always puts companions before himself
tendency to get into trouble
hates to see companions hurt or aging
doesn't like goodbyes
the Doctor always lies
The Doctor's tardis is a type 40 Tardis
It's a she
Meant to be driven by six Time Lords
Was stolen by the doctor but in an episode where the tardis went to human form she claimed she stole him
Tardis' are grown not built.
Through the ships Chameleon circuit the Tardis is able to blend in with its surroundings, but the Doctor’s TARDIS is broken and so stays as a London Police Box.
The TARDIS is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
Is never ending
The Doctor can change, add or take moves to suit his needs

The inside of a dalek is a mutated Kaled. The Kaled were once very peaceful creatures from the planet Skaro but Davros wanted them to live forever so he put them into metal shells to protect them & got rid of their emotions. The Kaleds inside controls the whole thing and speech so the metal is just armour.
The Time Lords didn't want davros to make the kaleds into these monsters so they tried to stop this which eventually broke out into the time war
As the Doctor is the last time lord he likes to keep him self company, so he likes to travel round with companion, he has had lots over the years and has gained new ones and lost old ones. Sometimes they return home, and sometimes they find new causes—or loves—on worlds they have visited. A few companions have died during their travels with the Doctor.
All of the Doctor Who opening titles 1963-2013
Tardis interior 1960s
Tardis interior 1970s &1980s
Tardis interior 1990s
Tardis interior 2005-2009
Tardis interior 2010-2012
Susan Foreman
Susan is introduced in the first ever Doctor Who story, with the first episode focusing on her as an unusual teenager with an advanced knowledge of history and science. This catches the attention of her teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright , who follow her home to a junkyard. It is revealed that she and her grandfather, the Doctor, are exiles from their own people in "another time, another world" and have been travelling in the TARDIS. As Ian and Barbara have gained this knowledge, the Doctor whisks them away on the TARDIS against their will, and he cannot accurately fly the machine.
Susan continued to travel with the Doctor and her two teachers until the 1964 serial, The Dalek Invasion of Earth. During the events of that story, Susan falls in love with David Campbell, a young freedom fighter in the 22nd century. However, Susan feels that she has to stay with and take care of her grandfather. The Doctor, realising that Susan is now a grown woman and deserves a future away from him, locks her out of the TARDIS and leaves after a tearful farewell
Ian Chesterton
Ian Chesterton is a science teacher and works with Barbara Wright, a history teacher. Susan Foreman, the doctors grandaughter, is one of their students. Ian and Barbara follow Susan back home to a junkyard, where they hear her voice coming from what appears to be a police box. When they investigate further, they discover that the police box exterior hides the much larger interior of the TARDIS, and are whisked away on an adventure in time and space with the Doctor and Susan.
Ian provides the series with an action-oriented figure, able to perform the physical tasks that the elderly Doctor can't. His concern is for the safety of the TARDIS crew, and in the early stories he often takes issue with the Doctor's habit of placing the group in harm's way just to satisfy his own curiosity. The chemistry between Barbara and himself is also evident, although the nature of their relationship is never mentioned in the show.
Ian shows a surprising breadth of skills throughout his adventures with the Doctor. He manages to create fire ,ride a horse, fight with swords and is knowledgeable about pressure points that can paralyze an opponent . He is also fiercely protective of Barbara, going on a lone mission to rescue her from Saracens in The Crusade. In that story, he is also knighted by King Richard I of England as "Sir Ian of Jaffa," although he would be unable to use that title in his own time. After many travels, Ian and Barbara eventually use a Dalek time machine to get home, two years after their disappearance and with much explaining to do.
Barbara Wright
At the end of the first episode, Barbara becomes separated from her fellow travellers and is threatened by an unseen creature with a metal arm, marking the first appearance of a Dalek.
In the subsequent story, The Edge of Destruction, tensions between the TARDIS crew reach the point of overt conflict when he accuses them of trying to sabotage the TARDIS in an attempt to return to 1963. Barbara remains level-headed and logical, allowing the Doctor to trace the source of the distress to telepathic influences from the TARDIS (which is trying to warn them of a major failure). Seeing that Barbara has been hurt by his accusations, the Doctor apologises and begins to realise he can rely on the two teachers, sealing a friendship which lasts until their eventual departure from the TARDIS. Although mutually respectful and increasingly affectionate, the relationship between the Doctor and Barbara is often tested by their opposing viewpoints.
Angry at Ian, the Doctor tries to take him and Barbara home, but in The Reign of Terror they end up in the French Revolution, where Barbara and Susan are captured and nearly guillotined. Barbara sees the departure of Susan and aids in the rescue of the abandoned orphan Vicki , who takes Susan's place on the TARDIS.After the Daleks who have been pursuing the TARDIS have been destroyed, Barbara suggests to Ian they use the abandoned Dalek time machine to get home. The Doctor is furious and tries to persuade them to stay with him by suggesting the journey might kill them, but the two teachers had made up their minds. After an emotional farewell to the Doctor and Vicki, Barbara and Ian are returned to London.
Vicki first appears in the serial The Rescue, a survivor of a spaceship crash on the planet Dido. She and fellow survivor Bennett were menaced by the monstrous Koquillion when she meets the Doctor,
Ian and Barbara. They discover that Koquillion is actually Bennett, who had killed the crew of the spaceship, including Vicki's father. Still coping with his recent parting from his granddaughter Susan at the end of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, the Doctor invites the teenage girl to join the TARDIS crew.
Vicki is the one who persuades the Doctor to let Ian and Barbara use a Dalek time machine to return to their own time in The Chase. At the beginning of The Time Meddler, it is revealed that the refugee Steven Taylor had stowed away on the TARDIS at the end of The Chase, and he accompanies Vicki and the Doctor.
Vicki eventually falls in love with the warrior Troilus when the TARDIS lands during the siege of Troy. After making sure that Steven and the Doctor will be all right without her, she decides to remain with Troilus, eventually passing into legend as Cressida, the name given to her by King Priam. She ensures that the Trojan girl Katarina enters the TARDIS in her place.
Steven Taylor
Steven first appears in The Chase, when the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki, find him on the planet Mechanus where he crash-landed two years before. He joins the Doctor and Vicki as a companion when they discover that he stowed-away in the TARDIS after having escaped the burning Mechanoid City. Steven is a strong-willed individual, who is more capable when there is something physical to do than when there is thinking to be done. He has a finely developed sense of right and wrong, and places a high value on human life.
Steven follows the Doctor through The Daleks' Master Plan, a dark and dangerous adventure that takes the lives of Sara Kingdom and Katarina. He argues with the Doctor when he refuses to prevent the events of The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve. Steven is ready to part company with the Doctor over the deaths that happened, in particular that of a woman named Anne Chaplet. He rejoins the Doctor, however, at the same time that they acquired a new travelling companion, a young woman by the name of Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet, who is apparently a descendant of Anne's.
Steven's journey eventually ends during the The Savages, when he decides to accept the responsibility of leading the combined society of Savages and Elders that is attempting a lasting peace.
Katarina is introduce during the siege of Troy around 1200 BC. She is a handmaiden of the prophetess Cassandra, who was also the princess of Troy. Before meeting the Doctor she was little more than a slave. During the Myth Makers, she was sent by Cassandra to spy on the First Doctor and his friends, particularly Vicki. Katarina befriends Vicki, who sent her to help the Doctor get Steven back into the TARDIS after a spear thrust had badly injured him. Katarina tended to his wounds and helps the TARDIS crew survive the events of the Troy siege. She joins Steven and the Doctor on their travels while Vicki decides to stay behind in Troy with the warrior Troilus.
A sweet, simple young woman who cannot really cope with the concept that the universe has suddenly opened up to her, Katarina believes that she is dead, and that the Doctor is a god transporting her to the next life. She refers to the TARDIS as a "Palace of Perfection", and literally worships the Doctor, referring to him as "Lord" (much to his annoyance) and having absolute faith in him. She believes that the Doctor was the god Zeus and that he had come to take her on a journey in his temple to the real Palace of Perfection. Despite the Doctor's protests, she remains set in this belief.
Even though this was the first time the Doctor met Katarina, it wasn't the first time Katarina met the Doctor. Katarina first met the Seventh Doctor when she was a little girl. As the Doctors looked different, she was unaware that they were the same person. She spoke to him of her ambition to serve as a handmaid to a priestess because her poor family could not afford to feed her any longer. The Doctor gave her family a gold coin, which would feed them for a year. However, on learning Katarina's name, the Doctor realized that she would die young as he has already witnessed it in his personal timeline.
During The Daleks' Master Plan, Katarina is taken hostage by the escaped prisoner Kirksen, who demands that the Doctor take him to Kembel, a planet taken over by the Daleks. To prevent the Doctor giving in to Kirksen's demands, she chooses to trigger the controls to the airlock she is being held in, propelling both herself and her captor into the vacuum of space.
Sara Kingdom
Sara is a Space Security Agent, the sister of Bret Vyon, another agent who is aiding the Doctor in trying to defeat the Daleks. Told that Vyon is a traitor by Mavic Chen, the Guardian of the Solar System (who was in league with the Daleks) and ordered to kill whoever is working with him, she shoots her brother and is about to do the same to the Doctor and Steven when they are transported across space to the planet Mira. There she learns, to her horror and grief, that her unquestioning obedience has not only led her to unjustly kill her brother, but also that by doing so she has prevented Vyon from warning Earth of the Dalek plot. She then joins the Doctor in his fight, briefly travelling in the TARDIS as the Doctor and Steven try to return the ship to Kembel for a final confrontation with Mavic Chen and the Daleks.
When the Doctor activates the Time Destructor — a device that accelerates time — as part of his plan to stop the Daleks, he orders his companions back to the TARDIS for their protection. However, Sara follows him, not knowing the nature of his plan but concerned it might fail. As a result, she and the Doctor are both caught in the field of the Time Destructor as it rapidly ages everything around it. While the Doctor, being a Time Lord, can withstand the worst of the effects - merely becoming an even older man - Sara, being human, cannot. As Steven watches helplessly, Sara ages and dies, her remains aging to dust. Steven attempts to rescue his friends but isaffected and ages before he reverses the Time Destructor. This rejuvenates himself and the Doctor back to their previous ages but does not save Sara.
Sara is aggressive, independent and ruthless in her pursuit of what was right, a single-mindedness that blinded her to the larger implications of her orders. Meeting the Doctor changes that, and she turns her formidable skill and intellect to the defeat of the Daleks.
Dodo Chaplet
The 1st Doctors Companions
Susan Foreman
Ian Chesterton
Barbara Wright
Steven Taylor
Sara Kingdom
Dodo Chaplet
Ben Jackson
The Doctor and Steven travel to 1572 Paris, where they witness the persecution of the city's Huguenot population. Despite befriending a young woman named Anne Chaplet, the Doctor knows he cannot prevent the coming massacre of 10,000 Huguenots, including Anne, by the Catholic French authorities. He therefore leaves in the TARDIS, taking Steven with him. When Steven finds out, he is furious and considers leaving the Doctor while the TARDIS is in 1960sLondon.
Steven returns at the same time that a young woman wanders into the TARDIS thinking it was a real police box. The Doctor and Steven are taken aback when she introduces herself as Dodo Chaplet and reveals that her grandfather was French. The Doctor speculates that Dodo might be Anne's descendant.
In her travels with the Doctor, Dodo travels to the far future, unfortunately bringing the common cold with her to infect humanity's descendants; faces the mad games of the Celestial Toymaker; witnesses the gunfight at the O.K. Corral; says good-bye to Steven in The Savages. Shie is also hypnotised by the rogue artificial intelligence WOTAN where she abruptly departs for a rest in the country after being hypnotised, and never reappears.
Polly first appears in The War Machines, where she is working as a secretary to Professor Brett. Brett develops the artificial intelligence known as WOTAN, and Polly meets the Doctor and Dodo when they come to investigate it. Polly befriends Dodo and takes her to a London nightclub where they meet Ben Jackson and try to cheer up the seaman. When Polly is accosted by another patron in the Inferno, Ben comes to her rescue. Eventually, Ben and Polly aid the Doctor in his fight against WOTAN when the computer tries to take over the world. They are the bearers of the news of Dodo's decision to stay in 1966 to the Doctor, and accidentally get carried away in the TARDIS when they try to return Dodo's key to the time machine.
Polly, in contrast to Dodo, is a more sophisticated and hip young woman of the 1960s — vivacious, attractive, and alternately shy and aggressive.Polly is present with Ben when the Doctor regenerates for the first time into a new form, and they continue to travel with him. In The Highlanders , Polly and Ben are joined on the TARDIS by Jamie McCrimmon. Eventually, the TARDIS finds its way back to 1966 London on the very day Ben and Polly had left. They decide to remain behind to resume their lives without disruption as the Doctor and Jamie travel on.
Ben Jackson
Ben first appears in The War Machines, when he meets Polly and Dodo in a London nightclub called the Inferno. As an Able Seaman serving in the Royal Navy, Ben is feeling depressed and angry because he has a six month shore posting while his ship is deployed to the West Indies, but Polly and Dodo try to cheer him up. When Polly is accosted by another patron in the Inferno, Ben comes to her rescue. Eventually, Ben and Polly aid the Doctor in his fight against the rogue artificial intelligence known as WOTAN. Afterward, Ben and Polly are the bearers of the news of Dodo's decision to stay in 1966 to the Doctor, and accidentally get carried away in the TARDIS.
Ben is a salt of the Earth kind of fellow, dependable, faithful, but prone to be suspicious when kept in the dark or not understanding what was going on. He is very attached to Polly, considering her posh, giving her the nickname of "Duchess" and appointing himself as both her protector and that of the Doctor's. He is present with Polly when the First Doctor regenerates into the Second, and continues to travel with the Second Doctor. Along his travels with Polly and the new Doctor, he encountered Daleks, Cybermen, Macra, mad scientists and as well as meeting new companion, Jamie McCrimmon.
Liz Shaw
Jo Grant
Sarah Jane Smith
The 3rd Doctors companions
The 2nd Doctors companions
Jamie McCrimmon
Victoria Waterfield
Zoe Heriot

Jamie McCrimmon
Jamie first appears in The Highlanders, encountering the Doctor, Ben and Polly in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden in 1746. At the end of the story, Polly suggests that the Doctor take Jamie along with them. Jamie continues to travel with the Doctor even after Ben and Polly leave the TARDIS at the end of The Faceless Ones.
Jamie shares a lively, bantering relationship with the Doctor, and sees the arrival and departure of Victoria Waterfield and Zoe Heriot. Jamie does not have the background to always understand the situations his adventures with the Doctor take him into, but is quick enough to translate high technology and concepts into equivalents he can understand and deal with. His relationship with the Doctor is not always smooth and in The Evil of the Daleks he comes close to leaving the Doctor whom he feels has been manipulating him and Victoria to discover the human factor for the Daleks, without thinking about the consequences. Together with the Doctor, Jamie encounters Cybermen, Daleks, the Yeti , the Ice Warriors, and many other dangers. Jamie is particularly fond and protective of Victoria, for example, in The Ice Warriors Jamie's first priority is to rescue Victoria despite being injured to the point where he can't walk. Jamie is heartbroken when Victoria decides to stay with the Harris family to the point of even being briefly angry with the Doctor for allowing her to leave . Jamie's travels with the Doctor come to an end when the Time Lords finally put the Doctor on trial for interfering with the universe. For his offences, the Doctor is forced to regenerate and exiled to Earth. Jamie and Zoe are returned to their own time and their memories of the Doctor wiped.
Victoria Waterfield
Victoria first appears in The Evil of the Daleks. She is the daughter of scientist Edward Waterfield, who in 1866 is experimenting with time travel and has attracted the attention of the Daleks. In order to assure Waterfield's collaboration with their capture of the Doctor and their experiments with the Human and Dalek Factors, the Daleks with the help of Theodore Maxtable took Victoria as a prisoner. To measure his emotional responses, they then manipulated Jamie McCrimmon into rescuing her, although they ultimately re-captured her and took her to Skaro. At the conclusion of the adventure, Waterfield is killed saving the Doctor's life, and asks him to take care of Victoria.
On the outside, Victoria is a typically fragile lady of her era, frequently screaming when faced with the creatures the Doctor and his companions encounter in their travels, such as the Cybermen and the Yeti. However, this exterior hides an inner strength that crops up when needed. Victoria may be young, but she has an instinct for when she is being lied to, and her sensibility is a contrast to the recklessness of Jamie and the curiosity of the Doctor. Jamie, in particular, is very protective towards and fond of Victoria, and is heartbroken when she chooses to leave.
Despite being a good match to her two companions, Victoria eventually finds herself unsuited to travel with the Doctor. In the Fury from the Deep, she decides to leave the TARDIS, settling with a family named Harris in the 20th century.
Zoe Heriot
Zoe first appears in The Wheel in Space, where she is the librarian on board Space Station W3, also known as the Wheel. When the Cybermen attack, she aids the Doctor and Jamie in defeating them before stowing away aboard the TARDIS. She was fifteen when she joined the TARDIS crew.
She holds a degree in pure mathematics and is a genius, with intelligence scores comparable to the Doctor's. Coupled with her photographic memory and the advanced learning techniques of her era, this makes her somewhat like a human calculator, able to perform complicated mathematics in her head. Part of the reason for her wanting to travel with the Doctor is her chafing at the restrictions and sterile surroundings of her station-bound existence. However, her real world experience is severely limited, and that gives her an ability to frequently get herself in trouble.
Together with the Doctor and Jamie, she meets the Cybermen, enters the surreal Land of Fiction, fights the Ice Warriors and survives the battlefields of the War Chief's war games. Her journeys with the Doctor come to an endwhen the Time Lords finally catch up with the Doctor. As well as forcing a regeneration on him and exiling him to Earth, the Time Lords return Jamie and Zoe to their own times, wiping their memories of their experiences with the Doctor
Coming Soon!
The 4th Doctor-11th Doctor's companions
Jo Grant
Sarah Jane Smith
Liz Shaw
Liz Shaw first appears in Spearhead from Space, having been drafted from the University of Cambridge by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as a scientific advisor to UNIT. She is an accomplished scientist, an expert on meteorites with degrees in medicine, physics and a dozen other subjects. Her extensive training, however, is still pale in comparison to the Doctor's own knowledge of the universe and scientific principles far beyond those of Earth. Sceptical at first of UNIT's ambit to defend against alien invasion, Shaw changes her mind when she encounters the newly-regenerated Doctor and becomes involved in defeating the plans of the Nestene Consciousness and its animated plastic Autons.
Liz continues to work with the Doctor and UNIT through encounters with the Silurians, the so-called Ambassadors of Death and the Inferno project, where the Doctor also encountered Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw, an alter ego of the scientist in an alternative time stream. She eventually resigns from UNIT and returns to Cambridge; her departure was simply announced by the Brigadier at the beginning of Terror of the Autons.
Jo first appears inTerror of the Autons, having been assigned to the Doctor as a replacement for Liz Shaw. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart assigns her to the Doctor, who is initially dismayed when he finds out that she is not a scientist, but accepts her because he does not have the heart to tell her otherwise. An enthusiastic, bubbly and sometimes scatter-brained blonde, Jo soon endears herself to the other members of UNIT. The Third Doctor is particularly attached to her, and she is devoted to him, refusing to leave his side even where mortal danger was involved.
There is plenty of danger to go around as well, especially after the Time Lords restore the Third Doctor's ability to travel through time and space. Jo faces the hazards and wonders of travel with the Doctor with courage and plucky determination. Together with the Doctor and UNIT, she encounters such perils as killer daffodils, time-eating monsters, and the Master. She is miniaturised, hypnotised, flung through time, nearly aged to death, and menaced by giant maggots and ancient dæmons. Over time, Jo also grows more confident and mature, until she is independent enough to stand up to the Doctor, which she does in The Green Death. During the events of that story, Jo falls in love with Professor Clifford Jones, a young, Nobel Prize-winning scientist leading an environmentalist group. At the end, she agrees to marry Jones and go with him to the Amazon to study its vegetation, the news of which the Doctor greets with a mixture of pride and sadness.
Sarah Jane first appears in The Time Warrior where she has managed to infiltrate a top secret research facility by posing as her aunt, Lavinia Smith, a famous virologist. Introduced as an ardent feminist, Sarah Jane sneaks aboard the TARDIS and becomes embroiled in a battle against a militaristic alien Sontaran in the Middle Ages who is kidnapping scientists from the present day. Subsequently, she accompanies the Doctor on several journeys in the TARDIS, and she also assists UNIT on a number of occasions.
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