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SIOP = Student Success

No description

Kendra Kurth

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of SIOP = Student Success

What is SIOP?
SIOP: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

SIOP is a program that provides strategies and concepts that help promote student engagement through differentiated activities and by addressing different learning styles in one single lesson/activity.

SIOP was designed for ELL students, but can be utilized by every student in every skill level and in every content.

Possible Obstacles of SIOP
Close-minded teachers
Not taking the time to try it
Follow through on observations/feedback
Use feedback and grow using SIOP
Too much freedom for student/less teacher control
Unsure how to use in specific content area
Not enough time to utilize
Untrue feedback
What Problem Does SIOP Address?
SIOP helps address the problems teachers have with student engagement. Often times students are bored, not challenged, or completely do not understand the information being presented.
How to Implement SIOP into the Classroom
SIOP strategies are often already being used by teachers in their classrooms, but they do not even realize it.
Strategies have to be knowingly used to benefit student learning.

Budget for SIOP Implementation
Depends how much training teachers need on the SIOP Model and how it will be used in the classroom.
Increased student engagement
Students become more involved in their own learning
Allows teachers to focus on learning rather than participation
Engagement is not an option
Increased student achievement
Allows teachers to grow and adapt as educators
Encourages differentiation for all students
The SIOP Model
Thank you!
Kendra Kurth
Innovation with Dr. Leavenworth
Language Barriers
Developmentally Deficiency
Attention Problems
Gifted and Talented

Examples of SIOP Strategies:
Gallery Walk
Training Requires:
Expert to train new SIOP users*
Time to train and implement strategies
Observations by other teachers to see implementation
Benefits of SIOP
One of the keys to student and educator success
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