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Boy in Striped Pyjamas Timeline

Timeline of the Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Eddie (Seung Hun) Han

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Boy in Striped Pyjamas Timeline

Birth of Bruno and Shmuel 15th of April 1934 Death of Bruno and Shmuel Bruno and Shmuel is born on the same date.
Bruno is born in Germany, suffering poverty after WWI.
Shmuel is born in Poland, as a Jew. Bruno and Shmuel enters the gas chamber, unknown of the danger inside.
They get gased soon after when their friendship was just about to bloom. 1937 Maria becomes Bruno's family's housemaid
WWII Begins
1st of September 1939

Bruno's family moves to OutWith Probably one of the most destructive war ever started on this fateful day. More than 63000000 people dies in next 6 years... Vistit from the Fury The Fury visits Bruno's family and gives the Father the role of Commandant.
Grandmother is disgust with his son and storms out of the house.
All Bruno knows is the fact that Fahter has a smart-looking uniform and that Fury likes him. Boy in Striped Pyjamas Timeline 1943 Br Bur Bruno's family moves to OutWith so that Bruno's father can fulfil his role as a Commandant.
This shall be the beginning of the End. Day 1 at OutWith Bruno and Gretel discovers the People Outside the Window They are the Jews who is forced to the concentration camp.
However, they don't know about the Final Solution and the Jews.
They start discussing what the huts and people is doing there.
They think is a farm.
The only way to find out is to ask Father. Bruno talks to Father about the People Outside the Window Bruno has conversation with Father.
He complains to Father about the house and the move.
He asks Father whether he did anything wrong.
He thinks that Father is being punished because this is a horrible place.
The then asks about the People Outside the Window.
He reponds: "Oh those people ... well, they're not people at all, Bruno."
Chapter 5 Few days after arriving at OutWith Bruno has a conversation with Maria. Bruno talks with Maira.
He asks her whether she hates OutWith as well.
Bruno calls his Father "stupid".
Maria, surprised, explains to Bruno why his Father is a good man by telling her about her past
in order to stop Bruno from complaining even more.
Annoyed, Bruno tells Maria that he has his own rights to say about things.
Maria says: "Bruno, if you have any sense at all, you will stay quiet and concentrate on your school work
and do whatever your Father tells you. We must keep ourselves safe until this is all over.
That is what I intend to do anyway. What more can we do than that after all?
It's not up to us to change things."
Chapter 6 Bruno makes the Swing Bruno decides that he must find something to entertain himself or else he would slowly go mad. Bruno falls off the Swing Several weeks after arriving at OutWith Bruno falls off the swing and Pavel, the housework helping Jew, cures his wound.
Bruno tries to make a huge fuss about it but Pavel tells him that it is nothing and calms Bruno.
When Mother discovers what happened, he tells Pavel: "If Commandant asks,
we'll say that I cleaned Bruno up."
She is definately worried about Father getting angry with Pavel because he "dared to touch"
Bruno. Father would not like any Jews to touch Bruno or vice versa. Bruno meets Shmuel Bruno meets Shmuel and classify him as something "waiting to be discovered".
He is surprised about they simliarities of them and wants to be with friends with Shmuel.
Shmuel, too wants to be friends with Bruno.
After a hurried argreement of friendship, Bruno asks Shmuel of the People Outside the Window.
Shmuel tells Bruno that he is not sure, but he says that he was forcifully taken away and was put into
the concentration camp.
After their conversation, Bruno tells Shmuel that he will be back. Pavel gets Killed Pavel, who seemed to be sick that day, accidentally pours wine
on Lieutenant Kotler. Kotler gets very angry and most likely shoots
Pavel. Although nothing is actually mentioned in the book,
reaction of Bruno and Gretel suggests that he was killed.
Bruno gets very upset because he was just starting to like Pavel.
He is angry that nobody stepped in to stop Kotler. 1944 Bruno tells a Perfectably Reasonalbe Lie Bruno accidentally tells Gretel amout Shmuel Herr Liszt starts teaching Bruno and Gretel Herr Liszt teaches Bruno about history and Geography even though Bruno doesn't like them. Liszt explains that learning about the Fatherland is far more important than going with the fairies. Bruno Tells a perfectably reasonable lie. Bruno accidentally tells Gretel about Shmuel.
Not wanting to share his friend, he tells Gretel
that the friend is imaginary and acts as if he is
embarrassed. This fools Gretel and somehow,
Gretel and Bruno gets more closer than usual. Bruno tells a Very Unpleasant Lie On Father's birthday, Bruno enters the kitchen and finds Shmuel sitting there.
Surprised and very happy, he starts to talk to him.
As he do so, he gets a stuffed chicken out of the fridge. He then gives some of it to Shmuel.
Just then, Kotler come in and finds two boys talking to each other.
He asks (shouts) to Shmuel whether he knows Bruno.
Kotler suddenly realises that Shmuel ate something and goes completely mad at him.
Shmuel tells him that Bruno gave it to him.
Shocked and angry, Kotler bellows at Bruno whether he knows Shmuel.
Bruno, terrified, says that he as never met Shmuel.
Satified, Kotler threatens Shmuel by saying: "we will have a discussion about what happens to boy who steal"
Chapter 15 Father's Birthday Week after the Incident. Bruno is Forgiven A week later, Bruno meets Shmuel and is shocked to see him covered in bruises.
He bascially panics and tries to apolozises to Shmuel.
In return, Shmuel simply smiles and nods.
He then suddenly lifts the end of the fence and holds his hand out.
Bruno takes it and shates it. It was the first time they ever touched each other... Bruno gets a haircut Bruno is getting more and more closer to Gretel than he used to be.
So one day, he asks Gretel about the reason why there are people outside the window.
She explains that they are the Jews, and them (people who are not wearing the striped pyjamas) are the Opposites.
She also says that the Jewas and the Opposites don't like each other.
Suddenly, Gretel screams out when she finds a little white egg inside her hair.
It turns out that Bruno and Gretel have a head lice.
Father tells Bruno that the best solution for him is to shave his head.
So he does, which makes Bruno cry.
When Bruno and Shmuel meets again, Bruno says that they now look very similar. Mum gets her own way Mother, who has been showing a signs of extreme of annoyance,
now decideds that she wants to leave OutWith.
Father, who also agrees with her views to some point, decideds that Bruno and Gretel had enough of this place.
He declares that Mother, Bruno and Gretel will return to their home at Berlin tommorow. Bruno and Shmuel thinks up of the Final Adventure Second to Last day Bruno tries to tell Shmuel that tommorow will be the last day together
but is confronted by Shmuel's sad face before that.
Shmuel says that his papa was not seen for a whole week.
Bruno says that he will help Shmuel find his papa and make that as their Final Adventure.
Shmuel agrees. Both Bruno and Shmuel never realises of the result that this choice will bring them. It's not The End yet... There are lot of deep ideas that Bruno and Shmuel saw before their death... The author cleverly shows them in his work,
still keeping the feeling of lack of knowledge that Bruno had... They are often hidden in the background... Friendship... Share by the two boys is the idea that whole novel is based on.
The most unlikely and bizzare situation created ever-lasting friendship between Bruno and Shmuel. Love... Lacked by many, shared between the unexpected Kindness Begins it all.
With unkown happiness,
With surprisesed thankfulness. Cruelty Evades all beauty.
Only emphasises the beauty
That it have been denying That is the main ideas in Boy in Striped Pyjamas. But there are probably more... Book author:
John Boyne
Eddie Han
Thanks to...
Prezi.com Any corrections will be thankfully taken.
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