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Data Journalism Traineeship

No description

Alice Corona

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Data Journalism Traineeship

My two months at Nrc.next
Data Journalism as a daily practice
Do some math, girl!
.... but then...
what does this math mean?
... now cook all the ingredients...
Mission accepted...
Now what?
Apply, wait, get accepted...

think... think... think ...
think... think... think... think... think... think...
think... think... think ... think... think... think... think... think...
think... think... think ... think... think... think... think... think...
... and adjust the details...
..and look again!
... open to your interpretation!
just so you know...
After big countries like US, Brazil and Argentina. the fourth country issuing most Red Notices is Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan published 50 Red Notices. The United States 118... But consider that the population of Kyrgyzstan is 56 times less that that of the US!
Among Interpol’s member countries who have emitted at least one Red Notice in 2012, the average is 1.7 red notices every million inhabitants. Kyrgyzstan scored 9.07

The country ranks 122 out of 150 in World Democracy Audit's ranking for democracy.

The country ranks 154 out of 174 in Transparency International's corruption perception index.

"Police frequently use false charges to arrest persons"

"The inter-ethnic situation between ethnic Uzbeks, who comprised nearly half of the population in Osh, and ethnic Kyrgyz in the South remained tense and problematic, characterized by arbitrary arrests, detention, torture, and extortion of ethnic Uzbeks by members of the security services.”"

The data analyzed is
only the Red Notices
that each country decides
to make public...

... "strangely"
The complete number of Red Notices issued by each country.
An exact number of how many Red Notices are reviewed and removed because of their political, ethnic or religious motivation
Alice Corona
What happened in 2009?
In 2009...
Interpol introduced a new mechanism to submit Red Notices:
I-Link: "puts data submission and control functions directly into the hands of officers in NCBs, allowing them to record the most up-to-date police data directly into INTERPOL’s criminal database. […] In a matter of seconds, member countries can draft and submit an alert seeking the arrest of a wanted criminal or warning of a potential threat, with the information recorded instantly into the Organization’s criminal database, and immediately visible to police around the world”
In other words:
NCBs = National Central Bureau.
" It is typically a division of the
national police
agency or investigations service"
since the submission process is in the hands of a country's police personnel
“A Red Notice
is issued based on a

that the information
by the police is
accurate and relevant”

(Interpol press officer)
How can Interpol guarantee its Red Notices are not

is really Interpol?
Interpol does NOT seem to have:
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