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International Admissions 101: SACAC 2014

No description

Cheryl Borden

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of International Admissions 101: SACAC 2014

International Admissions 101
Identifying Key Markets
Important information to have at your disposal:
Recruitment Options for Various Budgets
Key Concepts & Resources for File Review

Is your review process aligned with your recruitment strategy?
Final Destination: Your Campus
Mike Drish
Director, Admissions Recruitment
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Cheryl Borden
Senior Assistant Director
Babson College

Who Are We?
"I'm not really sure where to start."
Identifying key markets for your institution
"I know where I need to go for my institution but how do I get there?"
Recruitment options for various budgets
"My hard work has paid off and I have lots of apps. But how do I read an international app?"
Key concepts & resources for you and your office to know.
"International students are enrolling - is my campus ready?"
On-campus ideas reaching beyond the Admission Office
Questions you may be asking yourself...
Current international students on your campus
Current and previous applicant pools
Institutional budget
Know where your institution already has a presence:
Study abroad locations
Faculty/staff on sabbatical
Countries with government scholarship lists:
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, & Qatar
Open Doors Report
What is it?
Where do I find it?
What data can be accessed from it?
Undergraduate data, graduate data, or both?
EducationUSA datasheets
Institutional Goals & Priorities
What are some ideas to recruit students?
Virtual Recruiting/ Armchair Recruitment
No cost/ low cost options:
EARCOS (March)
OACAC (mid-July)
EducationUSA (June)
CIS Forum (mid/late November)
Skype Sessions

EducationUSA Connects
Social Media Presence
Fac/Staff who are abroad
State organizations: Study North Carolina, Study Georgia, etc.
Solid budget to operate with:
Virtual College Fairs (Hobson's, CollegeWeekLive)

U.S.-based high schools
International Search Campaigns
International counselor visits/ fly-ins
Large Group Travel
Branding/ Getting Established
Developing Relationships
Larger Groups of Studets
Organized for You

Small Group Travel
Opened Doors
Divisions of Labor
Branding/Getting Established
Enhancing Relationships with Schools
Travel/ Cost Control
Individual Travel
Scheduling Flexibility
Institutionally Targeted Schedule
Focused Message
Solidify Relationships
Cost Control
Testing policy
The Application
Helpful Resources
SAT Subject Tests
Test optional
English proficiency
Conditional Admission
Common App
Institutional App
International Student Application
Address Fields
International Baccalaureate
British-based Curriculum
Chinese curriculum
French Baccalaureate
Indian curriculums
NAFSA's Online Guide to Educational Systems Around the World (Free!)
AACRAO Edge ($)
WES.org (Free!)
EducationUSA (Free!)
NCAA Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility (Free!)
Workshops ($)
Who is greeting them?
How will they adjust to being on campus and in a foreign country?
Who is supporting them academically? Socially?
Eating and living on-campus
Professors & Staff
Campus Policies
SACAC Conference 2014
Myrtle Beach, SC

Mike Drish: drish@illinois.edu

Cheryl Borden: cborden@babson.edu
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