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My science project on one of the 31 elements of the periatic table that our body needs: Oxygen.

Ashley Nickolaison

on 22 December 2009

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Transcript of Oxygen

Oxygen oXUS, GENNAN 1774

Joseph Priestly

found by an experiment

tree's give off oxygen, we give off carbion dioxcide

Found out by experiment that animals could not live without it
Uses Today:



beathing, moving

plants grow

Uses in Body:

Essential Breath

Cells keep heart beating 21% Ancient uses:
to make fire What If:
you get too little: you would die because if your organs cant get oxygen they will stop working and die off
What if:
You get too much:
The oxygen will work against your organs and then they will stop working and die off. ORGANS oRGANS
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