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No description

Will Page

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of NUS ZONE PREZI

Elections Amazing Students % is the correct measure to use
Candidate numbers are quite important
We spend 3k What are the 3 best things you do at your union to get votes? Don't know the candidates Don't Care Five years of Democracy
& Governance at Exeter

A Whirlwind tale of record
breaking success, Mankinis
and failure Will Page
R&R manager since 2007
Sabb x 2
P/T officer HE + FE
PGCE (Secondary) Students' Guild
- NUS SU nominee x2
- NUS SU of the year
- NUS participation award
- SUEI silver
- NSS 76% (but really...) So..... Distinctive features at Exeter...
Candidate Recruitment
Manage Sabb time
Uni/Guild Partnership A disclaimer
Not all of the ideas in here are my own work
Officers sign off on all of this
Not everything here will work where you are
Bit of an open canvas for me to talk about what I want... Why don't people vote? 40% didn’t know candidates

34% too busy

23% don’t care Election booklet
Vote match (1k+)
University website news story
Candidate AM meetings
Range of online content
Candidate training programme Too Busy Online voting
Online manifestos
Online candidate videos/hustings
Online results event
Countdown timers (reminder of deadline)
Extend the voting period
Voting Booths Candidate training based on needs analysis (VC session this year!)
Sabbatical lecture talks
MSL data allows targeted emails
to make the message relevant
(competition e.g. Help us beat local/rival institution turnout. Sports teams, hall turnouts etc etc) Moving from general meetings to online
decision making... ONLY 23%
'APATHY' What happens at
your AGM/General meetings?
In union groups list
them... STOP BEING SO BORING! How many of those things
are actually interesting? 'come, it's really important' 'we'll bribe you to come'
'generate issues to cause fury'
'We need a face to face debate' IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY
PEOPLE! Spot the deliberate mistake.... Because we have
Proxy voting.....
Sign up sheets in Guild areas
Online proxy sign up through website
Sabb/officer targets for proxies Quorate AGM last
year (2.5%) which lasted
30 minutes Despite poor system and publicity our online votes since...

Should the 1st year count? 1200
Boycott Nestle? 600
Contentious Speakers Policy? 650
NUS Demo Support? 425 If we had done it at a GM the square root of
Malcolm Tucker would have turned up. So at Exeter the following happens.... Papers for the AGM go online; we still
promote it but we don't say they have to come. How can you measure the performance of your committees? Measure Measuring Governance 1.Moving from GM's to
online decision making
2. Governance Monitoring
3. Sabbatical Elections
4. Conclusions... What % of your time do you spend in formal union/university meetings?
e.g. trustee board, council, council, senate... Work it out in pairs How do you know if you're
wasting time? In pairs brainstorm... MEASURES;
Do attendees understand the role of the committee, it's activities, governing documents etc NOT A TEST
Number of process issues discussed
Number of result issues discussed
Number of actions taken as a result NOT PERFECT - Outcomes not impact e.g. 1 result issue rather than 10k of
students money saved Annual process which helps us to
Get the training right
Compare committee effectiveness
Abolish/change committees with their consent rather than going over their heads
Ensure officer/student time not being wasted
Evidence based GUILD COUNCIL VOTED TO REMOVE IT'S OWN POLICY MAKING POWERS AND TO STOP MEETING AS A RESULT OF THIS DATA... Clarification of the trustee boards responsibility for managing risk.

The production of a pack and mandatory training for every committee

End of term committee performance review on its objectives,
competencies and incorporating the data captured.

The abolition of Student Affairs, Student Activities and WEO committee replacing their reporting function with the sabbatical officer report
back to council.

To provide more financial training for all student and sabbatical
officers who interact with finance.

Scrap councils short term policy making powers as these will be
superseded by the democracy hub as motions (and general meetings)
will be moved online (with the exception of the one meeting we are
obliged to hold per company law)

Scrap the council power to ratify referendums and general meetings
with this now being done by Trustee Board as they already have the
power of veto. If I had more time I
would talk about sabbatical scrutiny as well...
But I don't so I won't... Apart from saying that we don't measure it or do it effectively...
Scrutiny by committee doesn't work
We're trying an innovative approach To conclude....
- Stop telling/bribing people to come to boring stuff
-scrap your general meetings
-introduce online policy making
-introduce proxy voting
-measure your governance
-tell people your election turnout in % (Do as I say, not as I do...)
-Keep sharing best practice lets go around the room
- 1 thing everyone has learned/will do differently/will try... Challenges facing Democracy & Governance (& Representation)

Opportunities that aren't election based
Equality of volunteer experience
Quality Enhancement by the Uni or the Students Union
Demonstrating our impact NOT our outcomes
Evidence based representation V campaigning
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