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The 1930's

the 1930's

Nathaniel Celeste

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of The 1930's

The 1930s
When man learned how to act HOBO! Homelife People thought that SPAM was cheap and easy.
People could could make "good" meals.
When I saw this I thought eeck...SPAM...Scary Economy Here you see Poor People eating at a soup kitchen.
Many people had to swallow their pride and eat at a soup kitchen.
I thought it was a sad image.
I was surprised that soup kitchens could operate in the reccsion Literature This is an image of Tom Joad a person In the book Grapes Of Wrath.
I think that many people in jobs like this rolled up their sleeves.
This is an image of The TV characters Amos & Andy.
TV wasn't invented but this show was based on the Radio Show Amos And Andy.
The show was a hit and a comedic show. Entertainment Weather This is an image of the Dustbowl causing farmers to leave.
The Midwest Dryed into A huge "Dustbowl".
No Produce to come out of midwest.
Mud became sand and dust. Why was it so Dry?

Why did people want cover it cement, wouldn't that cost more than sending a few million dollars to people in the midwest to help? Politics This is an image of the President of The U.S. Franklin Roosevelt and his Wife. Was Roosevelt popular, Why? Soicial Issuses This is an image of the damage done to a jewish shop during Kristallnacht.
During this day many shops and synagogues were destroyed
Helped kick-start Holocaust How many people died on Kristallnacht?

How did the Nazis orchestrate such mass destruction? Health This is a poster helping tell people that blind people aren't dumb.
I think that people thought that blind people Did blind people affect the every day flow?

How were blind people treated? Art This is a poster telling people about Lady Say Yes a sensational new play. Was this play About?

Was it popular, why? Tech This is a cartoon joking about how radio will take over the Christmas Card industry.
I thought that people probably thought that radio was expensive because all the people in fur coats (probably rich) only paid for small amounts of time like 15 sec. How popular was radio?

If popular why? Social Issuses
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