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Mobilizer vision 2010/11

Alright MOB, its time to start thinking about the next year. Here is a vision for what's to come.

Russ McLeod

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of Mobilizer vision 2010/11

THE MOB Free Hugs are the hands and feet of this grassroots movement in our cities. Reaching from coast-to-coast across Canada as members of the same movement Working together for social change We are 900 shamelessly idealistic youth (MOB)ILIZERS THE MASSES Vancouver Victoria Prince George Surrey Maple Ridge Hamilton Toronto Central Nanaimo North Bay Halifax Ottawa Kingston London St. John's Saint John Charlottetown Edmonton Calgary Saskatoon Winnipeg Montreal Kelowna Your univeristy Your high school Your community Even your mom Your college Your soccer team We are serious about making a mark on the social issues of our generation dynamic dedicated driven North Toronto Sudbury Muskoka WHO WE ARE WE ARE We champion the cause of Free The Children As (Mob)ilizers, it is our job to mobilize the masses Every Mobilizer is challenged to take their steps one step further Through participation in all events and campaigns Because we understand that we are a part of a story bigger than ourselves We make little ACTIONS Become BIG THINGS and live out the philospophy of Me to We We're focused on building community and engaging our community Each event and campaign that we take on is a part of the greater story of the MOB 2010/2011 EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY Increased participation MOVEMENT PROGRAM We're providing a set year long calendar of campaigns MOB TOUR MOB INTERNS Kelsi will visit each MOB City TWICE Bringing with her training to focus on barriers to success and to build leadership skills MOB BOOTCAMP August 21-27 2010 Focusing on how to build out the vision for the next MOB year Here's our game plan SOCIAL EVENTS Each MOB will host one social event per month. We will drive our movement to the masses through side walk chalk graffiti, hanging out sanwiches in the park, etc. BUMPING UP OUR POWER We will be utilizing FTC/M2W talent Will will learn to attract the media to our events and campaigns We will take advantage of all opportunities of speaking/facilitation opportunities that stop in any given MOB City (Mob)ilizes will attract, engage and motivate the masses to be a part of the movement We will finish each campaign with a LiveStream event to broadcast our results to the world Starting tour this fall, supporting events and campaigns, and representing baseCamp on the road BONUS: Jobin joins Kelsi on tour during the spring Providing more leadership training to Core Teams and MOB Leads Each MOB will have a (Mobilizer) who will act as the videographer, photographer, social media expert and a visual artist They will become the over-arching story of the MOB MOB VILLAGES MOB TRIPS We will focus on supporting our own Next year we will have 3 to 4 MOB Trips at the end of the year to visit the communities we support HAITI INDIA ECUADOR We will build the masses by having each (Mob)ilizer show IT TAKES A CHILD to two schools in their community a re-cut version of the documentary and we recruit the masses to join us in our movement of social change and we thinking IN 2010/2011 It's something big you want to know about It's called In 2010/2011 the MOB will lead a social networking campaign to engage the masses on a whole new level With each FTC/M2W campaign, the MOB will run a It will be in a central location where all FTC youth can come to participate in the celebration of the campaign MEDIA STUNT which could be a flash mob or a creative expression of the campaign in a public form Guess what? Craig will join one PR stunt with the MOB per campaign Other FTC/M2W talent, speakers and staff will be utilized for these events We will have the support of the FTC/M2W PR, youth and events team to give us strength We're only one year old and already we've accomplished big things from supporting Haiti, to Vow of Silence, to sidewalk chalk campaiagns, to logging over 10,000 volunteer hours in Take It Outside NOW WE ARE MOVING INTO OUR SECOND YEAR AND WE'VE GOT BIG PLANS ARE YOU READY? We're going to have four outstanding Mobilizers bcome interns in our office during this year, plus an additional intern on the road with Kelsi We're going from 12 MOB Cities 26 To MOB CITIES & from 600 (Mob)ilizers To 900 (Mob)ilizers Now you know how big this show is Are you in? Hugs & headlocks, baseCamp You know the anthem WE ARE THE MASSES WE ARE THE MOVEMENT WE ARE & after our first year of being (Mob)ilizers, this is how we've lived out this lifestyle so far This is the first part of the game plan game plan part one How will we engage the masses? STEP ONE STEP TWO STEP THREE It's broken down into four steps STEP FOUR (Mob)ilizers are responsible for involving the masses in every event or campaign and that's how we mobilize the masses Back to the larger picture of the game plan Here are the 4 things we will focus on during 2010/2011 Let's go No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 It's because to us, this is a lifestyle Check it Like we said To Hunger Month, to Kindness week, to WE Day crowd pumping, to meeting the Governor General, to Hugs for Haiti, to benefit shows, to It's Not Okay HERE ARE THE BASICS THAT'S HUUUUUGE NOW THAT YOU KNOW THE BASICS game plan part two
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