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Do you think your ready for a smartphone?

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Shami Caldwell

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Do you think your ready for a smartphone?

Don't Take On Too Much Too Soon
Cyber bullying happens through texts, calls, and social media.
As many as 4,500 suicides are committed yearly as a result of the emotional burden caused by cyber bullying.
Recent Studies Show Many People Are Developing Addiction to Smartphones
Texting and Driving is DANGEROUS for Everybody!
No-one Likes to Be Ignored :(
Do you think your ready for a smartphone?
Are you aware of the emotional and physical dangers you will inevitably encounter when using a smartphone?
Are you easily distracted by social media, games, movies, music, TV shows, texts, and photo messaging?
Is having a smartphone a necessity?
Also Controversial are the harmful effects of radio-waves.
Oh yes, smartphones are a HUGE distraction from anything and everything that requires your attention! Your friendships, grades, study-habits, and family relationships can suffer greatly from these distractions.
Beyond Cyber Bullies...
Did you know pornography not only encourages unhealthy ideas about sex, it's also highly addictive?!?!
Despite precautions, you will inevitably be exposed to some, if not all, of the dangers associated with smartphones.
These dangerous situations come from others as well as from use of the internet!
Research shows that technology is causing problems for our short-term memory as well as aiding to illiteracy...
Smartphones really aren't a necessity! Considering all the added dangers and distractions that come with them, maybe smartphones really aren't all that "smart". Smartphones will expose you to dangers, distractions, and there is no need for them before high school. So don't take on too much too soon, and remember whats really important...
Don't try to take on too much too soon! Smartphones will expose you to dangers, distractions, and they aren't necessary before high school.
Although some people believe a smartphone is necessary in order to have a current social life, in reality, regular cellphones with calling and messaging capabilities will suffice.
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