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Rwandan War

No description

abi toadvine

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Rwandan War

Many people were killed, and many people were traumatized from this tragic event, and still to this day people have injury's and memory's that have changed their ways of living because of this.This all began a little more than a decade ago, and this is how it all started... How it Started? In the late 1990's the African Tribes, Hutu, and Tutsis began a mass slaughtering war in Rwanda, because of the tribes wanting more power than each other.
(Thesis Statement) Rwandan War
~Discrimination Project~ "Discrimination has affected the Batwa and many other ethnic groups in a negative manner throughout the nation Rwanda. The state of Rwanda refuses to protect certain individuals who are considered to be direct descendents of indigenous peoples" (Limbaugh, Steven 1). The Rwandan war took place on very known Continent to the East of us. This war took place in Africa. In a country called Rwanda. It was about a decade ago. This country has tons of African tribes, but, everyone has heard of these two tribes; the Hutus, and Tutsis. This is where it all began. "Families being torn apart, men, women, and children are being starved, ignored, beatings, abandoned, raped, even killed; consequence" (Limbaugh, Steven 1). Discrimination This war has caused a lot of conflict. Making a bad reputation for both Hutus, and Tutsis. This makes the Rwandans feel "unprotected". Which makes the Rwandan people feel this way because, they don't like to be around neither of them because of what happened between the two. A great example of a situation just like this is the Hatfields and McCoys. Where it Happened.? "Maryland is a very small country (about the size of Maryland),c located near the center of Africa, few degrees South of the equator" (Rwandan Genocide, 1). Discrimination: "The Tutsis remaining in Rwanda; mostly due to intermarriage other family ties, would be discriminated against as racially "lesser" citizens by the new Hutu government"(Rwandan Genocide 1). The Tutsis were discriminated because of the fact that they were nice, so it was easier for the Hutus to take over. Soon the Hutus did take over and had power, and it made the Tutsis look weak. Causing for the Tutsis to seem worthless. This soon led to to discrimination. Singling each and every Tutsi out as stupid, worthless people; at least according to the Hutus. Hutus then had all power, and could and can whatever they would feel the need to do; such as war. " Africa World War, as it is known an estimated 5 million dead,most succumbing to the cascading effects of conflict, displacement, malnutrition, disease, and poverty-formally came to an end in 2003," (In Congo Peacekeeping is Useless, 1). Tense: "The atmosphere in the city is tense, people are worried. The fighting that for months has forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes elsewhere in the region"(In Congo Peacekeeping is Useless, 1). The Hutus had done such a terrible thing to people.They had easily deserved consequences; such as execution (death). To get this consequence they had deserved it. From raping little kids, all the way to killing innocent people. In the end it was a long fight, but most families moved away, and started a new beginning. In the late 1990's the African Tribes
Hutus, and Tutsis began a mass
slaughtering war in Rwanda, because
of power. This was an example of
greediness, and a lesson to be greatful
for what you have. This was a tragic event
that should never happen again, and
people should learn from this as well. Citations: “EDITORIAL: African flare-up: Rwanda tries to instigate a fight in Congo.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) [Pittsburgh] 06 06 2012, n.pag.web.13 Dec
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