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Making WorkKeys Work - An Alternate EOI Primer

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Craig Hoxie

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Making WorkKeys Work - An Alternate EOI Primer

Making WorkKeys Work An Alternate EOI Primer Craig Hoxie
Learning Director
East Central High School
Tulsa Public Schools What is WorkKeys? What is KeyTrains? CareerReady101? How did East Central Make it Work? After School and Before School Sessions Two testing realms and CareerReady 101
Several subject area certified teachers
Two computer labs - one for testing, one for remediation
Transportation Problems: Too many teachers
Student Resilience
Math and Writing Successes: Over 40 Bronze and Silver CRCs
20+ Seniors - Alternate Test
20+ Seniors - Passed EOI after CR101 Remediation Testing Realms One paid for by CareerTech
One paid by the school Today's Challenges: No After School program at this time
No CR101 at this time
Only 2 tests paid for by CareerTech
Can't pay for testing with ACE money at this time Solutions: School Day Program
Local Funding CR101
Extra tests on our realm
Charge for tests KeyTrains $5500 1st Year, $2500 2nd Year
CareerReady101 $6500 1st Year, $3500 2nd Year $6 +1 - Math, Reading, Information
$12 +1 - Writing
One Hour Service - $15 Testing Voucher Questions? hoxiecr@tulsaschools.org
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