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Horse Protection Society

Service Project

Brittany Anderson

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Horse Protection Society

Horse Protection Society :Place where sick and injured horses come to recover from their injuries. What I do at the Horse Farm: Mix Medications
Unload Hay
Fill up Water Tubs
Retrieve horses and put them in their Stalls
Mix Alphalpha
Clean Stalls
Wash Horses
Clean bowls/buckets
Walk horses
Apply Medications Website: http://www.salisburypost.com/News/030410-Horses-need-help http://www.horseprotection.org/ Memories Cherub, Summer, Oswego Cloud Dancer Willow Inca Amigo Geese/Chickens/Fence What I Learned: I mainly learned about the reality of life.
I also learned how much something like my community project effects others. http://www.wcnc.com/home/Economy-hurts-area-horses-86425557.html Worst Cases

Shenandoah Candy Cane Pacos Sierra (Now) Navajo Chisholm Spirit Chico Stardust Willow and Chisholm Sierra (then) Crackerjack and Jellybean Cheyenne ME Newest Member Our Sponser Other Service Project Interning with Mrs. Mallory Wow.... Mrs. Mallory is a trip... What I did...

Grade papers,
Created lesson plans,
Taught the class,
Lead Activities,
Made a Facebook to help the students.
What I learned. Mrs. Mallory is Totally different when your not a student in her class. Teaching is a long and irritating process. Cheating, texting, and talking/passing notes in class is OBVIOUS.
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