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6th Grade Web Site Evaluation

No description

Heather Schubert

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of 6th Grade Web Site Evaluation

Evaluating A Web Site If you find it on the web, is it true? Which of the following "facts" found on the internet are true? Examples of UNTRUE information
found on the internet: UNTRUE ages & dates BIASED information Untrue ages & dates EXAGGERATED information First Clue = Domain Extension

Safe extensions might be:

Be cautious of:
~ Domain Check:
1) www.seaworld.com/whale
3) www.oregon.gov/whalewatching
4) www.ucla.edu~watson http://martinlutherking.org Evaluating a web site:
* Who
* What
* When
* Where
* Why Using a Search Engine like Google:
* Which results are the most reliable?
- top = most popular, not better
* How do they get to the top?
-ranked by $, links, & title
* Sponsored Searches
* Advanced Searches
http://www.google.com WHO created the site? What is the
DOMAIN EXTENTION WHEN was the site last updated WHERE did they get their information from?
Citing their resources WHY did they create the site: to inform, to persuade, to sell Use your evaluation strategies when you search for web sites! Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
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