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Johnson and Gray

No description

Stephanie Womick

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Johnson and Gray

Johnson and Gray
1) What is the message of the poem? Can you identify a "thesis statement"?
2) Describe the author's style (tone, language, etc.)
Neoclassicism: For much of the 18th century, imitation, particularly of classical writers, was seen as the highest form of poetic expression. They find humanity to be imperfect and limited, but are sometimes optimistic that Reason may gradually overcome these flaws. Great emphasis on form.
Elegy: "reflective poem that laments the loss of something or someone (or loss or death more generally)" (130).
Romanticism: values the common man in the common language, attempts to write life as it is actually lived, values spontaneity in composition, emphasis on Nature-both the plants and trees and growing things kind of Nature as well as human nature.
We rise with words of thanks still on our lips
And thoughts of what that pie did to our hips.
Black Friday’s sacred rites must be observed,
So other shoppers get what they deserve
If through the freezing midnight line they break
Or from my cart door-buster deals they take;
They’ll feel the wrath of righteous anger’s scorn--
These gifts are for the day when Christ was born!
Miss not a deal—this stuff is almost free!
Miss not a sale--or our humanity
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