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Country presentation on Fiji

Rebecca Stephen

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Fiji

fiji Nowery Smith Jennifer bates rebecca stephen location Facts language: fijian though english and hindustani are also spoken population: 944, 720 capital: suva on viti levu Currency: fijian dollar Government type: republic religions practiced: christianity, hinduism, muslim Ethnic Backgrounds: 51% Fijian 44% Indian 5% Other European, Chinese, Pacific Islanders political oct. 10, 1970: independence day print radio television history economy freedom house ranking ethnic diversity leaders Government and media internet 1987 indigenous military coup 2000 indigenous military coup originally settled by melanesian and polynesian people european discoveries of the island were all accidental 1874: became a british colony military installed indigenous laisenia qarase united fiji party (ufp): indigenous fijians labour party: indo-fijians laisenia qarase military installed in 200o united fiji party: indigenous Fijian was an interim banker elected prime minister in 2001 and re-elected in 2006 reduced members of 2000's coups sentences, paid officials salaries, appointed political positions to those convicted of the military coup in 2000 leaders frank bainimarama 2000: military chief fijian labour party threatened qarase to step down after qarase approved a law clearing criminal records of 2000's military coup convicts his coup took over qarase's position civil liberties slowly disappeared refuses to hold elections until 2014 daily post: private newspaper (english) fiji times: newspaper (english) fiji sun: private (english) sarataj: hindu shanti dut: hindu language fiji sun fiji times owned by u.s. news corporation daily newspaper may 2008: Publisher deported when restricted to publish articles, frequently leaves a blank spot in the format explaining the restriction privately owned first published in september 1999 february 2008: publisher deported fiji broadcasting corporation radio fiji one: fijian radio fiji two: hindu bula 100 fm: music based bula 98 fm: hindi entertainment bula 102 fm: music based PRIVATELY OWNED STATIONS fm 96 legend fm navtarang viti FM radio sargam agricultural products: industries: sugarcane
coconuts tourism
fiji television limited fiji tv
sky fiji fiji one
sky plus
sky entertainment
sky sports

status: Partly free
legal environment: 14
political environment: 18
economic environment: 8
total= 40 constitution provides freedom of religion
indigenous fijians primarily christian
indo-fijian primarily hindu
number of attacks on places of worship have increased over the years
indigenous fijians normally obtain preferential treatment in:
some jobs 12, 747 internet hosts
103,000 internet users fijivillage.com owned by communications fiji limited 2007: government rules media organizations can publish info from any government body or other body no matter how it was obtained
february/may 2008: deportation of two newspaper publishers
november 2008: government has authority to impose fines on media companies
april 2009: media not permitted to publish anything that shows the military in a bad light; media organizations would be shut down if they failed to do so.
"sensitive" stories must be submitted to the government for review
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