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Product Life Cycle of a Tire

No description

Grant Weston

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Product Life Cycle of a Tire

The Tire Product Lifecycle Rubber Tires are ring shaped and fit around the rim of an automobile or any other machine which uses wheels to grip the ground Design Sap is collected from the rubber tree. The sap is then processed to form materials for tire production. tires may also be made out of synthetic rubber. Material Processing Tires are manufactured on a large scale as most manufactured items are. All the raw ingredients are mixed together and formed into the tire shape. Some companies include; Michelin, Goodyear, and Firestione Manufacturing Transportation Tires are most commonly used on any vehicle to enhance the traction between the vehicle and the ground. Use After a tire has run it's course, it can go many different ways. If a tire is recycled then it could be either re-treaded and used again or it could be shredded and used as track, playground, or recreational material. Another option is to melt it and extract the rubber to be used in other rubber products. If a tire is not recycled then they are put into a large landfill where they rot and decompose. Post Use There are many different treads available for surfaces After tires are manufactured they are sent to distribution centers where they are sold for use. Tires are transported using large semi trucks, airplanes or cargo ships for overseas.
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