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hanjun song

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of seminar

Strip warpage EMC properties Why? CTE Tg Flexural modulus -When the temperature rises, the volume change (ppm/℃) Mismatch CTE Epoxy resin(70ppm/℃) Substrate(15ppm/℃) Cause of strip warpage Measures and Cautions - The temperature at which the transition in the amorphous regions
between the glassy and rubbery state occurs CTE가 Tg를 기점으로 변수로 작용 - the ratio of stress to strain in flexural deformation ( E = ) Simulation Results Correlation
between EMC properties and strip warpage QRA-PCE H.J Song Cause of strip warpage E ,then Flexibility E ,then Flexibility Mismatch E Measures and Cautions EMC with silicone shows lower modulus DOE matrix design Package Information Thank you Micron JT2C Substrate (2 Layer) only change
(fixed the other options) Conclusion DOE Results and Analysis * only change the EMC (fixed the other options)
EMC Thickness
PCB Thickness
PCB Modulus, CTE
Die Thickness, size Thank you EMC properties
EMC Thickness
PCB Thickness
PCB Modulus, CTE
Die Thickness Simulation QRA-PCE
H.J Song
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