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Gap Presentation

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Nam Nguyen

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Gap Presentation

Gap Inc. Gap Inc. - A History Divisions Gap Inc. Gap
Banana Republic: more high-end, upscale.
Old Navy: a less expensive version of Gap
Forth & Towne: for women 35 years and older, but it was discontinued in early 2007.
Piperlime: online clothing and accessories.
Athleta: women's athletic wear.
Intermix. A very well-known American Specialty Retailer
Company Mission: Our definition of success: offering amazing products across our portfolio of brands that customers can't live without. Incorporated in California in July 1969 as Fisher Enterprises.Present name adopted on May 31, 1985. First Gap Store: San Francisco, 1969, its merchandise consisted of Levi's and LP Records
Began to sell private-label merchandise in 1974
Acquired Banana Republic in 1983.
Formed Old Navy in 1994
Acquired Athleta Inc. in 2008 Competition Company Size and Location Women's wear (Regular, Petites, Tall)
Women's Basic <Body>: Underwear, Sleepwear...
Women's Sport wear <Gap Fit, Athelta>
Menswear (Regular, Big and Tall)
Children's and Infant's clothing
Accessories Product Assortment Price Point Gap: $14.95 ~ $118 (Prices often end in .95 or are rounded to $8) --> moderate
Banana Republic: more expensive, can go up to $500 or higher. Direct Competitors Abercrombie & Fitch
American Eagle
Express Competitive Edge Has many divisions --> targeted towards a wider range of consumers
Wider product assortments, better quality
Diverse in style, price ranges... Size of Company Gap Inc. owns and operates 3407 stores worldwide
Has approximately 136000 employees as of 2/2/2013 Location Has both mall-based and free standing stores.
Gap and Banana Republic: North America, Asia, Europe.
Old Navy: North America, Asia
Other brands: North America Demographic Profile Gap Males and females
Age: 17-25
Middle to Upper-class individuals residing in urban and suburban areas in developed countries.
Occupation: Students, young working married couples Banana Republic Males and Females
Age: 15-45
Teenagers, single women and men, career-oriented married couples
Middle to Upper-class individuals residing in urban and suburban areas in developed countries.
Occupation: Students, men and women working professionals. Old Navy Men and Women
Young teenagers, single women and men on a strict budget, married couples with children.
Income level include all levels (family-oriented marketing)
Individuals residing in urban and suburban areas in developed countries.
Students, working men and women, housewives. Gap. Inc Psychographic Profile GAP Energetic, work/career oriented, active customers
Have time to shop
Sophisticated and confident individuals Banana Republic Generally active, work/career oriented people
Have little time to shop
Confident, trendy, sophisticated, seek the best quality, the feel of high-end products. Old Navy Active, Work/Family-oriented person
Have little time to shop
Want stylish clothing with good deals, comfortable products. SWOT Strengths Strong Liquidity Position
Strong Product Portfolio and Brand Recognition
Wide Geographic Presence Weaknesses Product Recall
Dependency on Third Party Manufacturers
Decreasing Comparable Store Sales Opportunities Growing Apparel Market
Increasing Online Presence
Expansion into New Markets Threats Competitive Environment
Changing Consumer Behavior
Decreasing Shopping Trips Customer Services - 10% off every Tuesday.
- Birthday savings
- Exclusive Promotions
Upgrade to Silver card:
- Free Shipping for online purchases.
- 15% off Choose Your Own Sale Day.
- Free basic alterations Banana Republic At Banana Republic:
-In Store 15% off for Students and Teachers with a valid ID.
- Stylist. Royalty Cards Gap Card, Banana Republic Card, Old Navy Card.
Earn rewards by points.
Can used at other brands within Gap Inc. Visual Merchandising Techniques Different vibes at different stores Gap Store: Bright colors.
Brightly lit.
Lively, young, colorful blown up pictures from their advertisement.
Wooden furniture, decorations Young, fresh, friendly, liberating.
Elegance, decency, good quality. Banana Republic: -Dimmer light.
-Neutral colors.
- Pictures are framed.
- Wooden furniture in black and white Professional
Mature, sophisticated.
Elite, high-end, expensive
Boutique-like GAP Advertising and Promotions Promotions: coupons, holiday sales, benefits for card holders
Advertise in various mediums such as magazines, commercials.
Have campaigns that feature celebrities, public icons, meaningful themes... Growth Initiatives Not just about having more stores --> plans to invest more in digital and online capabilities.
Creating an omni-channel platform for consumers, with capabilities such as: ship-from-store, find-in-store and reserve-in-store.
“Over the next five years, key to our continued success will be pushing the envelope further to make shopping seamless to customers through our digital strategy, while seizing the opportunity for Old Navy in many untapped international markets” - Glenn K. Murphy NYSE Data Symbol: GPS
Last Trade: 1 May 2013
Share Price: $37.99
Volume: 3,092,802
Going up Internship and/or training programs. Accelerated Management: Old Navy program that aims to turn recent college graduates into store leaders.
Field Apprenticeship: Six weeks of "in-house" experience at one of their HQ offices.
Inventory Management: Learning the ins and outs of managing inventory – from pre-season planning to markdowns.
Retail Management:A nine-month rotation to learn the critical aspects of the retail business.
Summer HQ Intern: A 10-week summer program to learn about their business and culture. Recommendations Expands more to Asia Markets.
Operates their own factories.
Using their influences to get involved in social movements to gain favor from the public.
Creating a new brand target only the youth with bolder designs
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