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Inventions For Laziness

No description

Nightlock Ninja

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Inventions For Laziness

Inventions For Laziness
People decided to make inventions that were able to let lazy people do less work.
Inventions include:
Teapot pourer
Star gazing chair
Automatic ball thrower
Motorized Ice cream cone
And more
Motorized Ice Cream Cone
~Does a lot of help for lazy people
~Would have to twist the whole cone to lick the ice cream
~Motorized ice cream cone twists around for you
Easy Bed Maker
~Selfy the Easybed makes bed for you
~Hospital bed corners
~Don't need to do it yourself
By: Chloe Smith and Anj B
People are getting lazier and lazier every year and inventions have to catch up to us.
Snowball Maker
~Perfect idea for a lazy snowball fight
~Insert some snow in the snowball maker
~Then throw snowball
~Can be found in many local stores
~ Might seem odd, snowball fights aren't something lazy people do
~ Sales are quite high
This product is not yet popular, but will soon shoot up in sales
~Some inventions lazy, what about escalators?
~In future lots of inventions may be common like escalators
~Never think of it as lazy
~Moving stairs so that you don't have to walk
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Time for a video on google docs!!!!!
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