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What attracts tourists to a particular destination

No description

Will Fox

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of What attracts tourists to a particular destination

What attracts tourists? Discuss with a partner Why are tourists attracted to Dubai? there are many other characteristics that attract tourists We should consider other locations... visitors needs and requirements vary Appeal of a destination is relative Can you think of any examples? Destination packages are aimed at visitor groups or market segments it is important for tourism employess to extract information from a variety of sources What does this map show? The nature island of the Caribbean Why are visitors attracted to Dominica? Cold climatic conditions and mountainous relief are popular Is it chilly in here? What are the attractions in the mountains of Switzerland? Why? What type of tourist does it attract? What about Tunisia? What type of tourist does it attract? What are the attractions? Why is Hong Kong an important tourism destination and why does it contribute to 5 per cent of local GDP? Read the case study
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