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Pinterest and Instagram for Libraries

No description

Junior Tidal

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Pinterest and Instagram for Libraries

Facebook & Twitter
Pinterest and Instagram for Libraries
What Are We Talking About?
Instagram: Ins and Outs
Social Media Strategy
Instagram can be connected to your library blog and other social media networks
Tips on Using Photo-Based Social Media
Choose an appropriate handle
Choose appropriate hashtags
ex. #library #citytech #cuny #nyc #brooklyn
Contests and patron participation can farm out images.
Have a mix of business and fun pictures.
Follow relevant users such as other libraries, librarians, professional groups, and institutions on both social networks.
Embed Instagram into your website and other social networks.
Share other libraries' networks. This includes collections, new hires, and other information.
Showcase your patrons using your services. Libraries are a reflection of the community that uses them.

Wrapping Up
Pinterest & Instagram are photo based social media networks

These can be used for outreach and marketing

Useful for community interaction
Social Media Strategy
Tips on Using Photo-Based Social Media
Pinterest is a photo based social media network

It can be used as a visual bookmark system

Users share images from around the web

Users can follow each other

Users can re-post images

Pinterest: What Is It?
Lingo: Pinboards and Pins
Images are known as “pins”

Videos can also be used as pins

Pins can be collected into groups called “boards”

These boards typically revolve around a central topic or theme

Pinterest is Social
Users can follow other users

Users can follow specific boards

Users can re-pin other pins

Users can interact with one another through comments

Pins can be tracked
Users can see who has re-pinned pins

Users can see who has commented on pins

Users can see who has liked the pins

This interaction can be used as a performance indicator. Likes and comments on a pin can help rate a board.
Libraries and Pinterest
Pinterest and other social media?
What can Pinterest be used for?
How can this be used by librarians?
Interaction with patrons and users

Libraries can interact with their communities

Boards can be created featuring photos of local historical interests or special collections
San Jose Library - http://cityte.ch/sjcr

Pins can be used for current events
NYPL Current Events - http://cityte.ch/nyplce

Boards are visual bookmarks such as eResources
Lehman College Government Docs - http://cityte.ch/lehman

Promoting library services
City Tech Library Video Tutorials - http://www.pinterest.com/citytechlibrary/video-tutorials/
Collaborative tool
Patrons and librarians can create collaborative boards
Librarians can follow other librarians for ideas

Laura Gentry - http://cityte.ch/laura

Academic libraries - http://pinterest.com/citytechlibrary

Children’s Librarians - http://pinterest.com/flannelfriday/

Collection Development - http://www.pinterest.com/aahlvers/library-stuff-collection-development/

Librarians can also follow other libraries
Pinterest is compatible with Twitter and Facebook
Social Aspects of Instagram
Libraries and Instagram
Instagram is another photo and (recently) video social media network - http://instagram.com/citytechlibrary

Photos are taken with the Instagram app, installed on a mobile devices with a camera.

This includes devices like the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices

Users can apply digital filters to photos and video

Users can also provide a caption for their photos.

Photos are uploaded to Instagram and shared among other users

Photos can be geotagged, shown above the photo

Instagram Interface - http://theedublogger.com/files/2012/05/instagram51-13m5q5i.jpg
Users sign up with an email account and an Instagram handle

Our instagram handle is @citytechlibrary

Users can follow each other

Users can like each other’s content
Compatible with other social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr

Captions can include hashtags, similar to Twitter

Like Twitter hashtags, users can search for specific tags

Users can also tag each other much like Twitter, using @username
Outreach and Marketing
Another way to interact with patrons
Patrons can follow you on Instagram and comment on photos
Promotion of events

You can promote computer labs, reference, periodicals, etc.
Reference Services
Reference questions through photos

Florida statewide virtual Reference Program - http://www.instagram.com/askalibrarian

Libraries can display special collections or new acquisitions

Take pictures of the next author reading or library book display...

...or of events as they unfold
Access point for services
Special Events

North Carolina State University used the My #HuntLibrary photo competition to give away an iPad Mini



Appalachian State University also used Instagram for a contest

Not only did this promote library services, it provided photos of the library’s space.
Library "Behind The Scenes"
Introduce library staff
Show your library space

Source: http://oedb.org/ilibrarian/10-interesting-ways-to-use-instagram-for-your-library/
Post a picture in Instagram
Instagram goes to library blog

Blog posts to Facebook
Facebook posts to Twitter

This is done through the website http://Ifttt.com

The recipe is available here: http://ifttt.com/citytechlibrary

Photos are instantly recycled and re-used and re-purposed

This is important because content creation can be a major time-suck

Update one social network and it updates them all

Social media networks are more successful if they are frequently updated

Junior Tidal
NYC College of Technology, CUNY


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