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No description

Paloma Diaz

on 24 September 2012

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ENGLAND EXPLORATION By: Matt Dicken, Paloma Diaz, Travis Matthews, Gabi Badillo, Dagi Mutuku People By: Paloma Diaz POWHATAN WAMPANOAG Iroquois Purpose By: Travis Risks By: Gabi Land/Geography By: Matthew Dicken -Lived in what is now Virginia. Risk Explorers going in the north west passage soon discover the dangers in the voyage. The farther north the colder it got and the rope and the sails would freeze. There was also danger of getting stuck in icebergs or in ice sheet. -Lived in tepees -Villages were surronded by log walls for protection Resources By: Dagi Mutuku -Food storage, council, buildings -Farmed, corn, squash, and beans -Nova Scotia is in Canada and is the second smallest land -Hunted deer, turkeys, and some fish -Used bows and arrows, dug-out canoes, and spears -The Mikmaqs lived in this land, they were a peaceful tribe (their name means allies) When we came to the new world, which is present day America, we found many resources but most of all trees.we found lots and lots trees. Some of the other resources we found was tobacco, corn, bread, turkey, good soil, grapes, walnuts, rivers, fish, cows, buffalo, and many more .We had everything we needed to survive .And since we had good soil we farmed and traded what we farmed with the tribes that we made friends with.We made good of the hide and took some of the stuff we got back to our king so we can prove that we found many of the stuff we said. It's amazing I didn't expect to find so much resources in this new land I am really glad I came on this exploration -Lowlands and highlands are covered in Acadian forests www.nativelangvages.org -The land is surrounded by large bays and is right next to the Atlantic Ocean -Lived in what is now Massachusetts and Rhode Island -This land is great for trading resources over seas, but there is a small land that causes lots of shipwrecks -Women were farmers and did most of the cooking and childcare -Very hilly, sharp cliffs flowing rivers, mountain ranges and high above sea level. (highest point is White Hill Lake, is part of Cape Brenton Highlands National Park 530 ft above sea level) -Most of land is bedrock with coastal landforms (Minal Fault Zone) Appalachian Mountain -Storytelling, art, and traditional medicine -Lived in villages and houses called wetus Nova Scotia Has windswept barrems and sea coast is extremely rugged and rubbing against the sand beaches Lots of rivers some major rivers and large lakes (Brasd' Or Lake) Jamestown -The land is marshy and filled with mosquitoes, This land is also endanger from Spain attacking from them being so close and the Powhatan. -Has very little water source and has many droughts which make water even more scarce. -No crops to grow from droughts, which also means most likely no animals to hunt because there is no water. -The James river is in Jamestown, but the water is undrinkable, because the marshy land makes it all muddy and is salt water. Conclusion (Only survived because in the nick of time a ship filled with food and drinkable water came) We have decided to colonize in Nova Scotia because this land is very lush with lots of rivers which you need to start a colony. Also Nova Scotia is right next to the Atlantic Ocean to do world wide trading and we could trade spices. They have many forest trade wood, then the land is great to hunt and tourist attraction for the Appalachian Mountain. Last, the climate is hot in summers (101F highest) and cold winters (-42F coldest). We do not want to colonize in Jamestown because they have very little water and the land is very marshy. Also, Spain and the Powhatan are close by and can attack us at any time. Last, there are lots of droughts that makes less water and the James River is useless, because we can't drink from it, it will only make us sick. Yeah it can grow crops but we don't know when it will flood or won't have enough water to grow crops. -Surrounded by log walls -Women wore skirts -Men wore breechcloths and leggings -They both wore moccasins -Made dugout canoes to go fishing -Used bows and arrows www.bigorrin.org -Brought corn and turkey for the famous first Thanksgiving -Lived in what is now New York -Lived in longhouses -Houses were big enough to hold 30-60 people -Hunted deer and farmed -Moved to new location when the fields no longer produced -Women wore skirt, vests, and moccasins -Men wore breechcloths -Made watch towers for security -Used canoes to travel along rivers www.mce.klztn.net -Pocahontas was part of this tribe Risk Some other risk was, a deathly disease called typhus. It killed many people because they were sick and had no medicine. They also suffered from a famine going on. And that was
Exploration! So those were the people we met and we traded very well, and got along. I am very glad I went on this expedition. When we first set out for what is now present day America. We were hoping to try increase power and resources and find a sea route to china and India for there spice's and silk and profitable trades and goods but failed. So we decided to turn our attention to the land of the Americas which is exactly what were looking for it will extend our kingdom give us wider grass lands to farm in and grow our crops and we will extend Christianity over this new land and it's people. We can interact with other people, tribes and trade goods like our skins and furs and expand our trade all over. Where Nova is located Nova's land This is the village
You can see th land behind hi Sources
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