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Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship

Youth, Family, & Library Outreach Programs:

Awo Ahmed

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship

Institute for Community Engagment
Youth Contact College ACCESS Literacy Corps
Awo Ahmed

Library-Community Outreach
Vanessa Young

Gordon Parks Work Study Coordinator
Dan Yang

College for Kids, Middle School, and High School Visits
LaTasha Gandy

Saturday Science
Nathan Fell

Trio Upward Bound
Charissa Blue Warfield

Associate Director, Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship
Evelyn Rolloff
Evelyn.Rolloff@metrostate.edu College Goal Saturday
(February 2012)
Kidventure Camp
(March 2012)
National Youth Service Days
(April 2012)
YOUniversity Middle School Summer Program
(June 2012)
More to be announced! Spring/Summer Youth Outreach Programs University student opportunities:
Earn academic service-learning hours
Develop and teach fun interactive classes
Serve as a program assistant
Participate in a student panel discussion College Exploration & Access
(College For Kids, Middle School Visits & High School Visits) The Middle & High School campus visits provide students with tailored classes, campus tours, and workshops that will assist them in planning and preparing for college.
  Middle & High School Visits College for Kids program gives fourth through sixth grade students the opportunity to dream about the future, participate in hands-on learning experiences and sample college classes in a university environment. College For Kids College For Kids
Grades 4 thru 6

Middle School Campus Visits
Grades 7 & 8

High School Campus Visits
Grades 9 thru 12 College Exploration Access ICES and the Gordon Parks Gallery work with In Progress, a local non-profit intermedia arts organization.

Youth Participate in Workshops & other gallery experiences.
Workshops include discussion of the life & work of Gordon Parks, how he promoted social change through pictures that “tell stories”.

Students learn how to digitally enhance the photos through Photoshop.
University students can earn academic service-learning hours
Serve as a program assistant or classroom assistant Gordon Parks Youth Outreach ICES and Metropolitan State’s Library and Learning Center
partner with the Dayton’s Bluff Branch of the St. Paul Public Library

Collaborative programs include:
MN College Goal Saturday
The Dayton’s Bluff Book Club
Teens Know Best program
Library-Related workshops & field trips

University student opportunities:
Serve as a program assistant or workshop leader Library Outreach The HHC provides reading, writing, math, and computer literacy tutoring as well as other schoolwork support services. Metropolitan State students tutor learners of all ages who use the Zone Homework Help Center.
Homework Help Center
Literacy Corps Site; Located in the Dayton’s Bluff Branch of the St. Paul Public Library (co-located in university library)
University student opportunities:
Tutoring at various locations throughout Saint Paul & Minneapolis (Public Libraries, Learning Centers, Public Schools)

Tutoring includes:
Daytime Reinforcement Reading
Daytime Classroom Tutoring
One – on – One Tutoring
After school/extended day tutoring
Evening and weekend options Literacy Corps Youth, Family, & Library Outreach Programs:
Literacy Corps
Library Outreach
College Exploration & Access
Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship
Metropolitan State University The Literacy Corps is a program designed to ensure that all children can read well and independently by the end of the third grade. Metropolitan State University supports this effort by offering university students opportunities to tutor K-12 youth through community-based learning course requirements, group internships, and civic engagement initiatives. Literacy Corps First Saturday Science The First Saturday Science program is for community children of all ages to expand their exposure to Science. Once a month, in a hands-on laboratory setting, the children will be guided through an exploration of a specific field of inquiry.

There are service-learning opportunities within this program for students to work with young scientists discovering their potential Questions Library Outreach
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