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Technology Infusion 8132


Sarah Wiggins

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology Infusion 8132

Technology Infusion
Sarah Wiggins Sharon Nizialek's 1st grade class is in North Forsyth County.
She has 20 students: 10 boys and 10 girls. The class is made up of students who receive title services, eip services, gifted services, special education, and general education.
Setting Mrs. Nizialek teaches all subject areas
within her classroom. She works hard to
incorporate technology into every area. Use of Technology The students use technology in a number of ways daily... They regularly write in their online journals... During math, the students use a variety of methods to demonstrate their math skills.. Each week the students create a project that goes with their current units of study. Mrs. Nizialek lets the students take pictures with the digital camera and they download them to create a movie that plays on her website. The students have created a class book using a program called PIXIE in which they illustrated, wrote the text, and recorded their voices. Impact on learning Mrs. Nizialek shares that
throughout her years of teaching
she has seen how technology has made
a huge impact on the learning of her students.
She expressed that she sees a motivation
that grows each year with the "new" things she
teaches the students. Through tools like the Promethean ACTIVE board, the desktops in the classroom, and the
laptops for the students she is able
to take her lessons to places she never imagined. She is constantly amazed at the new programs that we receive each year.
Her favorite program is PIXIE. The BIGGEST difference she sees
is the fact that through technology, her
students are able to manipulate every
facet of learning. She remembers when
manipulatives were used mainly for math, but
now, the students can create ANYTHING they imagine.

Her worries are that we are trying to teach things too fast due to technology, and she encourages teachers to slow down and enjoy the different programs, but not rely only on technology to teach. Support Issues Mrs. Nizialek shared that she has issues similar
to anyone who uses technology in their lessons. She has times when laptops haven't been charged completely, and times when children are locked out of their passwords. Her biggest frustration is when they are working on the internet and the system is down.

She feels blessed to live in a county that sees the
value of technology, and isn't afraid to make sacrifices
in other areas for the sake of it.

However, she also feels that in order to keep up with the
fast paced technology standards, the teachers have to be trained
better. She has often taught herself various programs, only to find that
there were easier ways. Mrs. Nizialek is very thankful for her Instructional Support teacher
who plans weekly with her, and often joins her in the classroom to help.

She shared that although these were blessings, she realized that having only one
IST for a school of over 1200 students is really not enough. She often feels guilty
when she is planning with her thinking she could be with students in another classroom.

On a positive note, she expressed that Forsyth County has a wonderful maintenance plan in which faculty and staff can submit work orders if there is a technology issue. By doing this, the IST doesn't have to worry about such things, and for the most part there are not many issues of equipment failure. Mrs. Nizialek uses technology on a daily basis within
her classroom. During her direct instruction she uses the Promethean
ACTIV board to demonstrate concepts.
Daily her students are invited to use the ACTIV board
and display their understandings through center work and group time.
Additionally, she uses the computers for progress monitoring using
AIMSweb, Spelling City, Graph Club, and Accelerated reader.
Her website helps students when they are at school and at home. website address To see more of what Sharon Nizialek has done
with her students, visit her website
http://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/129720728439730/site/default.asp These were made using a new program FRAMES
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