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ExxonMobil and the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline

teaching presentation

Lisa Stewart

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of ExxonMobil and the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline

ExxonMobil and the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline Vote: stay or go? the situation key considerations November 1999 ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond Royal Dutch/Shell and France's TotalFinaElf withdrew from project History of oil extraction in developing countries corruption environmental and human risks of oil exploration Should Raymond and ExxonMobil proceed? project to build a pipeline in Chad and Cameroon Is concern for the environment a big deal? What should managers and companies do to incorporate consideration of the environment into their decision-making? if anything to talk about an oil company being green or caring about the environment?
what is at stake for ExxonMobil here?
what is their stance on the environment?
are there places the should or should not drill? Does it make sense Do you own the ethics of your partners? responsibility chain What are the arguments for staying and investing... who are the stakeholders? reasons to stay reasons to go what are their concerns? Who has the most at stake? ExxonMobil stockholders
ExxonMobil management
ExxonMobil employees Consumers
Chad/Cameroon citizens
Chad/Cameroon government
Indigenous people World Bank
Environmental groups & NGOs
US Department of Energy
ExxonMobil competitors Stockholders: the rain forest and indigenous people are not our problem; we pay taxes to the governments. Follow the laws and drill. Management: follow our environmental guidelines; we've negotiated with the governments and talked with the NGOs and local people; we can manage this project. Citizens and governments of Chad and Cameroon: we need jobs; we don't have the luxury of righteous environmentalism World Bank: we have analyzed it and the benefits to the countries are worth the costs. Indigenous people: you have already hurt our life with cutting trees; this project will make it worse. We will absorb all costs and receive no benefits. Environmental groups and NGOs: project will accelerate degradation of the forest; once gone, the diversity of plant and animal life is lost forever. So What? corruption or leaving?
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