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Mrs. Winhoven 2010

Kari and Shawn visit friends in Switzerland and capture many beautiful photos

Kari Winhoven

on 21 August 2010

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Transcript of Mrs. Winhoven 2010

Mrs. Winhoven Hello! I am your Reading and Language Arts Teacher I have taught students with learning disabilities for 13 years now.
I taught high school for 8 years (resource and inclusion), then arrived to Groveport
Madison schools and have taught grades 6 and 7 for
5 years (resource and inclusion). The summer:

I took a Technology course that
allowed me to learn more about
the opportunities for students in
the classroom to utilize programs
and fun stuff on the computers~ Our class:

We will have FUN (most
of the time). I believe that
you will learn more by doing.
Huh? If you interact with
your peers, use self reflection, hands
on and individual approaches, you
will be successful AND learn Why?

I am a Read 180 teacher....

Yeah, we have 90 minutes
together to 1: have whole
group instruction 2: go to
learning centers a) small
group, b)computer, c) silent
reading and 3: wrap up

Ok, I'll explain more later..... My family:

Married to Shawn

Son: Seth age 11, grade 6
Son: Sam age 8, grade 2
(on IEP and repeated grade 1) I have 3 sisters (I am the 3rd daughter).

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio

Graduated from Walnut Ridge High School

Received my Bachelors from Muskingum University

Received my Masters from The University of Dayton This summer, I went to Switzerland
to visit friends, tour the area and have
an anniversary celebration with my husband. Classroom rules:

Simply put~
If you respect me and others, then I will respect you back.
Basically: Do to others as you want others to do to you


my job...don't EVER
hold me back from doing
what I LOVE. If you love
something, who stops you?

I am excited, eager and ready
to take on your education with
you~ you ready? LET'S GOOOOOOOO Remember:

I am a MOM, friend, teacher, wife, sister,
aunt, cousin, grand-daughter, daughter,
daughter-n-law, counselor and most
importantly, someone who cares about you.

I have feelings just like you, am human just
like you, have a desire to make a difference
in you and appreciate allll the different things
in life that make YOU.....YOU.

Respect is the key. You have it? I do.

Good luck, let's make a difference and get busy.
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