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Egypt: A CIA Factbook Analysis

No description

Kimberlee Kelly

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Egypt: A CIA Factbook Analysis

An Analysis of the CIA Factbook Data EGYPT -Mostly Desert
-Probably hard to grow certain crops
-Need crops that do not require a lot of water.
-Valleys near the Nile Rive
-Best place to grow!
-Good place for crops that need marshes-- like rice! Geography People & Society -Egypt is a Republic
-Elected government officials
-Military is compulsory
-All males must serve minimum of 18 months and 9 years on reserve!
-A lot of international issues! Need a strong military!
-3.4% of GDP--> 35th in the world Government & Military - 12% Unemployment (6% less than U.S.)
3x size of New Mexico vs. All of U.S. Economy -People from other countries who seek refuge, or safety, in another country.
-Sudan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia
-Possibly entered Egypt poor & illiterate Transnational Issues -Egypt needs to invest more money in education
-More women need to be educated
-All people need to be educated beyond 11 years old
-Education will enable more people to work jobs in the Service sector, which brings Egypt the most money
-Building the service sector will enable Egypt to produce more goods that it can export to other countries
-Overtime Egypt can build its economy and the GDP per capita will also increase! Prescriptions for Change -Official language is Arabic
-Educated also speak English
& French
-Colonization? -Largest ages groups are:
- 32% 0-14 years
- 38% 15-24 years
-Employment concerns Language Age Groups Education -Attend school until age 11.
-20% of Egyptians are in poverty
-Only 72% of population can read & write
-Mostly boys
-12% of population is unemployed Does Egypt have Welfare to help with poverty and unemployment, like US? - GDP per capital = $6,600 per household per year
-Compared to 48,000 in U.S.! Economy & Education -72% of people are literate
-14% of people work in agriculture
-The fields are one of few plays illiterate people can find work -Service sector makes the most money
-Hospitals, banks, construction, retail, education, real estate
-Everyone uses these-- stable sector
-Can only work in this sector if you are literate.
-Literacy is key to job opportunity and ending poverty! Refugees Drugs & Money Laundering -20% in poverty
-14% cannot read or write
-Transporting drugs may be a way to make good money without an education
-Refugees might be forced to turn to this with no education and no work permit. A Refugee Camp
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