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Social media strategy

No description

william pennscott

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Social media strategy

Make a plan
Create a plan based on your goals.
Compile content
Build your audience
Write, edit, publish
Social Media Strategy
Editorial Calendar
Engage with followers.
Use an editorial calendar for:
Answer questions.
: (
: )
Provide amazing customer support.
Decide when and a what time should content be published.
Determine which social media channel is best suited for each piece.
Existing content
external content that is relevant and consistent with goals.
Start by asking,
"What are my goals?"
Increase revenue through generating sales leads.
Build relationships with customers.
Increase brand awareness.
Utilize social media channels that will reach your target audience.
Choose content that will help to achieve your goals.
Build your audience.
Engage your audience.
Interesting content, promotions and incentives will increase traffic and followers through online word of mouth.
Original content
Write about your company, customers and staff.
Host contests and promotions.
Be creative and keep your audience interested.
Write and edit every content piece with care before publishing.
Organizing content ideas
Scheduling /planning when to publish content
Recording previously published content
Reevaluate your plan
Adjust your plan and always keep improving.
Revisit your original goals.
Use analytical tools to determine what is and isn't working.
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