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Copy of Hilton Hotel Corporation PPT

No description

Sonu Andrew

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hilton Hotel Corporation PPT

Hilton Hotels Corporation Conrad Nicholson Hilton founder of Hilton Hotels chain December 25, 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico In 1946, formed the hilton hotels Corporation He died in 1979
a giant in the hotel industry. "each property should have its own style". Cisco, Texas, in 1919 First Hilton Hotel Hilton Story the Waco Hilton
1927 William L. Moody, Jr. The Roosevelt Hilton in New York City adapting multi-hotel reservation system 1947 1948 1950 direct-dial telephone service in 1957 1963
Hilton built its first airport hotel
in San Francisco 1970 the company acquired two casino hotels
in Las Vegas 1996
Stephen F. Bollenbach became the first person who was not related to Hilton family
to manage the company and it combined with Bally Entertainment Corporation. On July 3, 2007, Hilton Hotels Corporations agreed to sell
to The Balckstone Group for $26 billion,
Hilton Hotels Corporations moved its headquarters
from Bevery Hills to Fairfax County, Virginia located in 84 countries.
Blackstone Group, a private equality firm owns it
over 135,000 employees Luxury full service Focused Service extended stay suites timeshare Thank you for your attention
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