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Flowchart Symbols Meaning

No description

Gilbert Student

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Flowchart Symbols Meaning

By Mason Bridges Flowchart Symbols Meaning To start off... ...it's the key to becoming a better flowchart designer, so don't shy away from expanding your knowledge of the system. Understanding the symbols... Here are some basic symbol designs, and descriptions of there meanings Let's start with the beginning and the end; shall we? Terminal / Terminator Usually we use words like start/in these oval shaped boxes to signify the obvious. I'll be back... Used to show progression through a process, action, or operation. Process / Rectangle Lets get moving with the Process Examples:
"Edit movie", "Fail...try again",
"Choose your fate(plan)" Straight from the horse's mouth, or ...something like that... Data (I/O) Shows the inputs and outputs (I/O) from a process, most commonly is the shape of a parallelogram. So many choices, so little time... Decision / Conditional A diamond that can dictate your path depending on your decision. The yes arrow always comes from the bottom point, and the no will originate from either the left of right corners of the diamond. But, the arrows must be labeled to prevent confusion. Document "Papers please..." A document symbol is like a rectangle with a wavy bottom. It's used to represent a Document or Report in a process flow. Stored Data In File 2-b, in row 4-d, area g-7, next to... This is the general data storage symbol used in the process flow as not for data stored on a hard drive, magnetic tape, memory card, of other storage device. Direct Data *I'm sorry I can't come up with anything funny about this* :P The Direct Data symbol in a process flow represents information that is stored, but can be accessed directly. It usually represents a computer's hard drive. Internal Storage Spies ... that's about as much as I got ... *sigh* ... oh well These are commonly found in programming flowcharts used to illustrate the information stored in memory, not a file. This symbol is often shown as the magnetic core memory of early computers; or the random access memory (RAM) in almost-text talk.
Sequential Access Well there has been a sequence of no jokes, does that count? 'o_O This symbol looks like a tape reel. It represents information stored in a sequence, like data on a magnetic tape. You guys know what? Manual Input It's represented by a rectangle with the top sloping up from left to right. The Manual Input symbol represents an action where the user is prodded for data that has to be manually logged into a system. Subroutine / Predefined Process I QUIT! This symbol takes two names - 'Subroutine' or 'Predefined Process'. It's called a subroutine if you use this object when flow-charting a software program. Which allows you to write one subroutine and call it as often as you like from anywhere in the code.
The same object is also called a Predefined Process. This means the flowchart for the predefined process has to be already drawn, and you should reference the flowchart for more information.

-Sort of like a book that already has an ending...by the way...
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