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Res-Tech Proposal ~ Student Social Network for Students

This is my 3-man groups project which include Julian, Elvin, and Jeffery.

Jeffery Hung

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Res-Tech Proposal ~ Student Social Network for Students

The Student Social Network by Jeffery Hung

Elvin Nuñez The
Executive Summary Statement of Need Problem Funding
Requirements Solution Organization and its expertise Students at the Science Academy of South Texas are in need of areas that may somehow further advance there studies, or provoke the idea of studying harder.
The school has offered us a chance to design something in coordinance to this problem and are willing to provide us with the grant to fund our project for this school proposal.
Though we are given an unlimited fund, it is suggested that we are to create something that will definitely benefit our fellow students, so that it will be worth creating and worth the money consuming that will follow. Our group which consists of Jeffery Hung, Julian Vazquez-Jimenez, and Elvin Nuñez have decided upon creating a social student network, a website that will allow students and even teachers to socialize in and discuss school-related topics, such as homework, announcements, etc.
This website will allow students and teachers to be able to communicate with each easily and though social networks have been made in the past, this website is capable of usage at school, unlike other networks such as Facebook which is prohibited in all STISD campuses. Funds Our current ideal amount of money to invent is $14.95 per month, though it is likely that this will change in the future either due to promoting the website or disconuation of the website. The school has offered us an unlimited grant money so that we may conduct our projects accordingly without trouble. Though our funding is in abundance, we do not necessarily need much for a website since the cost of websites are not that pricey. The Science Academy of South Texas is recognized for its academic achievements and technological advancements in the department of science and math. Ever since its opening in 1989, Sci Tech has reached its been striving to be the best high school ever and has not even reached its pinnacle yet.There are so many clubs in Sci Tech today, such as Robotics, Astronomy, Chess, NHS, Student Council and more. With the arrival of the SSN, our many clubs with be compiled into one area and will be easy to locate and also a safe place to communicate in. The Project Description The Budget Staffing Sustainability Organization Information Letter Proposal Each year, students grades are lowered because they cannot find the means to communicate with the teacher; however with the rise of the student social network, students will be able locate teachers out of school easily ask for help from teachers. Science Academy is known for its academic achievements. Each day, our students' knowledge about the world is increased. If we were given this funding for the website, our academic achieve would skyrocket. Therefore, it's a given that we need this. Since the only funding we need for the website is just the monthly payment to renew, the cost of websites are as much as only $19.99/month while other proposals are as much as one million dollars! In the Science Academy, having high academic achievements is our forte. After surveying our students, we realize that their lack of communications with their teacher sometimes killed their grades. Simple enough, by implementing the social network, students will be able to ask for teacher's assistance via the internet. Objective Goal The purpose of our program is to help assist students at school by giving them a source of communication out of school. We expect at least 70% of our students to use our social network at least once per week by the end of the first nine weeks. This website aims to aid students by providing upcoming events and allowing the ability to download notes or assignments. Our social network website will provide students with online help. The creation and maintenance of a social website is a cheap price to pay and shouldn't be of that much concern. The price to pay for the website would be around $20-$50 which is just to renew the website. To keep the website up-to-date, we propose that we have a website club to keep it on maintenance. Are you satified with your grades? 12Y 13N
Do you lack communication with your teachers or classmates? 7Y 18N
Would you be interested in having a Sci Tech exclusive Social Network 20Y 5N
Would you go on the website at least once per week? 18Y 7N
Would you encourage others to use it? 17Y 8N The need for a paid worker is not necessary. The school can provide a non-profit website management club that will employ students to manage the website free of charge. This will allow the students to improve in their computer graphic skills, and they will also be able to put this on their résumé. One reason that sponsors would choose us instead others is because of the fact that our website proposal will cost a lot less compared to other propsals which can cost in the millions. Even if someone couldn't fund us, the fundings required for our project would be easy to sustain. One reason that sponsors would choose us instead others is because of the fact that our website proposal will cost a lot less compared to other proposals which can cost in the millions. Even if someone couldn't fund us, the funding required for our project would be easy to sustain. Because of our group of volunteers in our club, the number of volunteers working will vary from year to year due to people graduating and coming in. Each member will be in groups or 4-5 to work on a certain section of the website. They are to serve the people online.
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