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Best Practices

No description

Nat Mullis

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Best Practices

Best Practices in Business:
Web-based and
Beyond Nat Mullis, MT-BC
Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC Web Based Communication Frequent Problems with Communication: Systems
Management Frequent Problems
Ease of Use
Remembering to Use
Replicable Marketing Frequent Problems
Keeping a website updated
Building an audience What are Web Based Tools? Two Forms:
Independent of physical data storage
Require physical storage but utilize the web Web Based Tools Google Drive iCalendar Outlook PayPal Facebook Wordpress Online Banking Prezi Worksheet Break!! Lack of paper trail or too much paper trail
losing notes and papers
mail getting disregarded
Not enough SPACE Our Experience Necessities for easy communication: Accessibility
Ease of Use
Papertrail Survey Says: A word from Kat “I do the majority of communication through email. I like doing it that way because then you have a copy of the conversation in the case that a problem or conflict arises.” “Well it's usually whenever they are picking them up or dropping them off, but since they feel rushed, I find myself e-mailing a lot.” “I use all types of communication. I ask each client which method they prefer. I use email mostly, texts, and phone calls.” Our Experience A word from Kat: The importance of clarity and smoothness
Google Calendar Love Affair
Quickbooks + Online Tools= Happy Nat A word from Nat: A Word from Nat Survey Says: “My biggest frustration is balancing administrative tasks and marketing with providing the actual therapy. I do not know enough about technology to use it to cut my time down. “ “I would love to have an office assistant, several therapy rooms, great waiting space and clients to fill it...without funding issues!” “I’d love to have an efficient process for booking and rescheduling clients, a receptionist to handle incoming calls and requests for information.” Our Experience A word from Nat A word from Kat Online Vetting
First point of contact
Don't stop til you-
Scheduling tools Interview Results Observations: Some MT's are all OVER internet marketing.
Some are trying, but struggling with the management.
Some have 0 web presence and aren't interested in creating one. “I have a web page which gets lots of clients interested” “I have a facebook account for my business which only lists the business and what I do. I do not use it to communicate or to connect with others.” “I do EVERYTHING online..” “I don't really use [web based tools]. Gradually moving into this millenium. “ “None of the above. To me that would require too much additional time.” Follow along at http://tinyurl.com/webprez
Handout at http://tinyurl.com/webhandout Jane is a music therapist in a medium sized city. She has lots of clients, but with school starting, she is having to completely rearrange what she thought was a set schedule for the school year. She keeps 1 day planner with her as she travels and another at her desk. Her client’s mother told her of scheduling changes today during session, but the car calendar isn’t completely updated yet. Could a web based tool be helpful here?
What types of things should Jane look for in selecting a web based tool if she chooses to? Suzie is a music therapist with a busy practice and three employees. She keeps her own books without any difficulty, but with so many clients, printing, sealing, and mailing invoices takes several hours each month. Could a web based tool be helpful here?
What types of things should Suzie look for in selecting a web based tool if she chooses to? Donald has a brand new private practice and wants to get clients in the door- he has given out cards and spoken at events, but he has gotten few calls. A friend told him that someone from their work was interested in music therapy for their ailing father, but when they looked for a music therapist online, they couldn’t find one in their area. Could a web based tool be helpful here?
What types of things should Donald look for in selecting a web based tool if he chooses to? Case Studies
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